Need Help with First Cycle Dosage

Im 27…brand new and ignorant to it…i have trenbolone ace and the vial says 1000mg/10 ml 100mg/ml i also have sustanon 250 and the vial say 250mg/ml …i was told to take half a cc of tren and 3/4’s of a cc of sus every 3 days…exactly how much is that though and is that enough?

Please stop right there. Think about what you are doing. Did you bother to research or any prep work before deciding to take the plunge?

  1. Do not start with Tren and Sust for first cycle compounds
  2. Go get blood work so you have a baseline for your blood profile
  3. How long have you been working out? Diet?
  4. You couldn’t even take the initiative to Google the simplest things such as measurements let alone what you are about to inject into your body. You are going to get a lot of backlash for your laziness.
  5. How long are you going to run your cycle? Do you have a PCT? What about an AI? Do you know what the signs of high E2 are going to be? Do you know the side effects of each of these substances?

Put the steroids away. A first cycle should be Test and only Test. That way if something goes wrong, you know what it was and you are not playing guessing games trying to figure it out.

If I was you, I would research, Google, buy some books, study for about another year or 6 months. The decisions you are about to make are going to Fuck you in the long run.

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This will end in tears.


I tried to google everything that i could and couldnt get any of the answers been goin to the gym for a year my diet is excellent because i order 15 macro meals from a local fitness company every week…its a 7 week cycle im currently going on week 2 and i feel great havent even really noticed a difference other maybe gettin a little more irritated in traffic…im not in a position to go to the dr and get blood work done and im not lookin for backlash just need some good people to point me in the right direction
Im 27 5 ft 7 with a ridiculously high metabolism and when i started goin to the gym i weigh about 126 currently am about 140 and cant break it which is why i figured i give it a shot…literally lol

One thing that i will say though that i feel like it
cause my body to process food faster and i do get shaky and i have to eat right then

You have been working out for a whole year and havent used any steroids yet? Thats crazy. You must have reached your natural potential by now then. You are supposed to buy the steroids first and then get a gym membership.

You cant afford a Dr and labs, but you can afford pre-made macro meals. lol What is your PCT going to be? Are you only eating these macro meals? What are the macros per meal? What are your macros per day?

You could have bought a food scale and created all your own meals. Chicken breast & rice, Steaks & Rice, Turkey meats, plus some veggies.

No offenese, but you sound like a cluster fuck that jumped in over his head.

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No i just work alot and cant cook for shit lol tye meals are about 180 grams of protein 250 carbs and 70 grams of fat a day…it is about 100 bucks a week but before i ate out almost everymeal and it was getting gross…i dont want to be ridiculously big id just like to see myself at 160…if it turns out this was a bad idea i can always stop if i see negative side effects

I probably am a cluster fuck that jumped in over his head…but i wouldnt be be me if i didnt…got stories for days lol

I’m not going to give you more crap because they’ve said it. You’re not ready. However, if you decide to proceed anyway just scroll through the first cycle posts in this forum. You will see they all say to start with Test only and 90% recommend 500mg/wk. Also look for the words PCT and get yourself some.

Toss your Tren or give it back to the ass who sold it to you.

160? Then eat. I know a few guys who are thin and want to gain weight. They say that they eat a lot, but they don’t. Often doesn’t mean “a lot”. If you can’t consume 800-1000 cals per meal over 4-5 meals, you aren’t eating enough. Buy some weight gainer shakes. Eat some fat. Do what it takes first before playing your Ace and wasting your time. You gotta eat lots of cals anyway to get anything out of the gear you’re taking so just eat.

You haven’t trained long enough and you’re far too young to start on gear. Use your head.

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Are you going to answer the question about PCT or nah?