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Need Help With First Bulking Diet


I'm starting my first actual diet. I'm 18 years old and always ate what was cooked at home. I've been lifting for around 3 years and recently went back to the basics for a while with Ripptoes Starting Strength Routine. I just got back from senior trip so I'm going to follow it for a few more weeks to get back into the groove for the main exercises then switch over to a more bodybuilding focused routine. I need help with where to start to put together a diet. I'm aware of macro-nutrient breakdowns and things but need advice on what most people use. Recommended foods would also be extremely helpful. I weigh 193 lbs. and I am around 14% bf. Please tell me what stats are needed and I will be more than happy to give them. Thanks in advance

Edit: I also have Low-Carb Metabolic Drive, L-Leucine, Flameout, Superfood and Alpha-GPC at my disposal. I'm willing to buy other supps if they are highly recommended.


A good start would be a along these lines:

over 2g carbs per pound of bodyweight, about 400g
gram of protein per lb of bodyweight, about 200g

That comes out to 2,400 calories, and thirty percent of your diet from healthy fats. That’s 800/9= 89g fat, putting you to about 3,200. That would be a good place to start out, increase your carbs before considering increasing fats.

If you’re considering bodybuilding I’d recommend starting a food and a training journal asap.


Thanks. Thats exactly what I was looking for. I don’t plan on competing, but I definitly want to gain overall muscle. Do you have any favorites on foods to eat. I seem to have a hard time thinking of good meals for breakfast and lunch.


Red meat, whole milk, and plenty of fresh fruits/vegetables.


The exact macro percentages are entirely up to how your body responds. I would start at 500 kcals over maintenance and keep on adding 500kcals until you start noticing blatant fat gain. Tighten it up and stay at that level.


My favorite choices are:

Sweet potatoes/yams
Steel cut oats/Buckwheat
Pinto beans
Oat bran/oat bran cereal
Wheat bread

Fish oil
Flax seed oil/ground flax.
Primrose oil.
Borage oil.
Extra virgin olive oil.
Nuts (especially almonds, walnuts, pecans)
Almond/peanut butter
Egg yolks
Wild caught salmon

As far as protein, eat whatever is to your liking while meeting your macronutrient goals.

Hope this helps! Remember, it’s not all about what the scale says, it’s more about how you feel. If you’re eating over your maintenance you should be able to recover and grow muscle, and that’s what counts.

Keep us posted on your progress, now go get big!