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Need Help With Exercises


Ok im going to do the TBT workout with the Velocity diet then move onto the T Dawg diet. My problems is i dont know all the exercises. i did check out Anatomy of Strength Training and got a majority of them but there are a few that are eluding me please help.

  1. Seated Cable Rows (same as seated rows where u pull the bar towards u while sitting and lifting a stack of weights?)
  2. DB Upright Rows
  3. Stepups ( just stepping up and down on a bench then later in the workout add BB correct?)
  4. What is the meaning of neutral, and pronated in association with pull-ups 5. Glute Ham Raises
  5. Skull crusher
  6. Standing weighted crunches
  7. Romanian Deadlift
  8. Side raises aka lateral raises correct? Im assuming since front is to the front (but we all know what assume stands for, ASS out of U and ME :smiley: 10. Leg curls (any variation?? Seated, standing or lying?)
  9. workout 3 week 7 exercise called Chins.


You should just try the search feature with the name of the exercises, because I know most of those have pictures scattered around the archive.

Here's a good list of exercise videos:


EDIT: I looked at that site again, as I haven't in a while, and they have some strange lookin stuff on there. If you don't feel safe doing something you see a pic/video of, make sure you're comfortable before you do it. Not specifically for that site, that's good policy for pics/videos from anywhere.


What is your goal on this plan? Velocity is a severely calorie-restriced diet for rapid fat loss. While TBT promotes fat loss as well, it is better for putting on mass in my opinion. I'd be hesitant to do a total-body routine while limiting my calories so much. That's a lot of muscle mass that is going to need repair and refueling. You may end up losing muscle mass along with the fat. I suppose it is probably the fastest way to shed a bunch of pounds. Just don't do it for too long or you'll end up looking like an Abercrombie model.


My goal is to loose roughly 50 pounds of fat and get down to 179 if possible. That was the reason i had a hard time staying in the military i couldnt keep the weight off no matter how much i did pt. I am 5'9 just weighed in today at 250lbs. Im getting worse. So its time to take extreme measures. I dont want to look and feel like this anymore. I was always borderline hypoactive thyroid as well but the army wouldnt do conclusive tests just a quick blood work my fam doc says since im border line that explains why i had to work two to three times harder than the rest of the joes. Well i can now honestly say the shakes arent to bad actually. I did better on the exercises than i thought i would now from reading that means one of two things either im doing them wrong( i got the book from the library that was suggested on this site) or two i need to up the weight. Not bad though for a first day. OH AND IF I DO END UP LOOKING LIKE AN AMBERCROMBIE MODEL I WOULDNT MIND THAT AT ALL ITS BETTER THAN WHAT I AM NOW. Just to give you an idea i am attaching an image BEWARE not a pretty picture. im aka a sasquatch as well.


It might not be a bad idea to hire a CERTIFIED trainer to help you for awhile and to show you the proper exercise technique, form, and the different exercises. But if you can't afford one search the archives as suggested and if yous still can't find the ones listed. post again


Look at this website:


I would honestly stick to all compound movements right now: SQUAT, DEADLIFT, rows, benchpress, military press, dips, and chin/pullups.

With those, do cardio. At your stage of the game, any cardio will do.

Most important thing for you, nutrition. Definitly eat clean, eat around 500 calories less than you are right now. Also, keep a food log. It will help you track calories, as well as see if you are truly eating clean.

Also, stick with it... change doesnt happen over night. Good luck and good job with starting to get your act together.


yeah use that exrx site to find your workouts...it did wonders for me.

make sure your nutrition is good as well, plenty of great articles for you to read up on here.

and yes, everything said above. cardio. cardio. cardio.


don't forget to take your vitamins, i had this really good gp that made a suggestion that most of my health problems were do to poor diet and a lack of proper vitamin supplementation.
ever since i started taking my vites, my blood work has always turned out good.


You sir, are no sasquatch. A hairy human--maybe. Anyways...
Try asking people in the gym how to perform some of these exercises. Some are useless, but most can do the basics and are willing to help.
You have your work cut out for you, but stick with it. It's well worth it. Don't get frustrated, you will go through many tough times. If it were that easy everyone would do it. Just try to be as consistant as possible, and never beat yourself up for failure. Just reload and go back at it.
Diet is definately your key here. Try to eat as clean as possible, ssmaller meals more often, and try to drink at least1.5-2 gallons of water a day.
Keep your carb intake limited as the day goes along.
Do some sloweraerobic sessions for the first couple of months. Incline walking is just an excellent cardio workout for someone in your condition.
Workout smart, eat well, get plenty of rest.
I wish you the best


You'll no doubt come across the roles fats you intake play as you get into the diet aspect of your new routine, so keep in mind the following.

Take in as much mono-unsaturate fats as possible within the limits of how much total fat you should healthily consume. Also, regarding polyunsaturated fats; keep an eye on your intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fat type amounts. The common error in the U.S. is a bloated and very unhealthy intake of Omega 6. Its about 17:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Keep this ratio to 2:1 at the most for the best performance that these 2 essential fatty acids can carry out for your body.

And of course keep saturated fats at the recommended amount and no more- you do need them. Most importantly, avoid trans-fats and food products with 'hydrogenated' and 'partially hydrogenated' on their labels, naturally trace amounts of these ingredients may be unavoidable-but keep them at a minimum in such cases. Good luck, :smiley: