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Need Help with Exercises, Reps, and Food


so i've been lifting for 4 years now and have gained a somewhat good amount of weight but i want to get bigger but not have fat gains. so i was wondering what are the top compound lifts i should do on a 4 day routine how many reps and what should i eat with minimal fat gains? also will compound lifts get me stronger and a little bigger or bigger and a little stronger??


they will make you BIGGER and STRONGER


Focus on increasing the weight on the big compounds (read CT's "The perfect Rep" - Those exercises lend themselves very well to this kind of progression and lifting style)

You most likely will have to accept SOME fat gains while you gain your muscle, these can be somewhat easily dieted off later on. Keep them in check by eating well and keeping some cardio in while you gain weight and it wont be bad.

As for the routine - There are so many already laid out on the net that you cant expect one of us to serve you one on a silver platter. Just pick a program and stick with it for months and months. Get strong above all else.


Basically, when you get stronger, you put yourself in a position to get bigger because you'll be able to effectively stimulate the muscle.

I echo everything above.




asking about this after 4 years is... strange


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