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Need help with EQ

I’m new to this forum and could use some help…I’m about to start an eq cycle for 10-12 weeks and am looking for advice on diet. Just looking for lean gains, hopefully around 15lbs. Also, should I wait three weeks after last injection? How much nolva should I take and for how many weeks? Finally, I believe I have a little gyno now under my right nipple, is it alright to take the eq or should I take nolva first? If so, how much and for how long? Sorry for being annoying, just trying to get some answers.

more details… including details of your cycle.

well not to flame you right away but if your diet isnt in check already ur not ready to mess with aas. it sounds like u need to research aas more. considering diet u should consume 2x ur bodyweight in protien
lots of healthy carbs and good fats.
eq alone isnt a good cycle. its hard to recover from. u will not make the gains ur looking for out of eq alone.good luck

[quote]honkie wrote:
more details… including details of your cycle.[/quote]

This is my first cycle ever…up until now I’ve just used protein, creatine, testosterone boosters, etc… I plan on using eq once a week for the first weeks or two, then twice for the remaining…

After the last shot of eq, I was going to wait 3 weeks then start taking Nolva…my friend said I would only need 20 pills but I’m not sure if that’s right. Also, as I said, I believe I have a little gyno now so am unclear if I should take Nolva before the eq, during the eq, or wait until after. My diet is good but I was wondering if I should jack it up to around 3000 or higher.

if you’re gonna inject yourself with AAS you should figure out what you’re doing rather than trust what your buddy says.

Best advice I would recommend you save the time of fumbling through this and read the steroid newbie thread. It’s worth the investment in time. Once you have a basic understanding you’ll get a lot more out of people’s advice.