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Need Help With Energy Levels

I have nationals for track on friday, I’ll be throwing the shot put and the hammer and my energy levels have been horrible the last couple of days. its driving me nuts. I can’t figure it out, all of the sudden I’m constantly tired. I’m getting plenty of sleep and taking my vitamins and minerals, I should be full of energy. I plan on taking 1 serving of power drive, 600 mg of caffeine, and 25 mg of ephedrine before I throw. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Be sure you’re getting enough carbs. How many days are you working out? Maybe you just need a day or two off. Lastly, 600mg of caffeine? Don’t take too much more than you’re used to, your body might not react the way you want it to.

If you’re subjected to testing, which you probably are at nationals, lay off the ephedrine. It’s on the banned list because of its properties as a stimulant. We just had the MVP from the Canadian national university B-ball championship game stripped of medal and suspended because of Ephedrine

Sounds like stress or anxiety. Either will cause a feeling of exhaustion even when you are not tired. Try some meditation like excercises. A good one I do once in a while is Breathing by Dr Andrew Wheile I am not sure of the spelling of the last name but he has some very simple and effective ways to illeviate stress… Good luck.

I usually take arond 800mg of caffiene so 600 mg shouldn’t be a problem. this is NJCAA nationals so they won’t test for anything.

Have you been taking that stack recently or on any kind of a regular basis? I’ve found that you can burn yourself out on the ephedrine/caffeine stack. The power drive is great but I’ve personally found that high caffeine intake, similiar to what you’ve outlined, really seems to effect me more. I quickly find I can’t wake up without it. And I just flat out don’t like being dependent on coffee or tea every fucking day to wake me up. Hopefully you’ve planned your training so you haven’t overtrained for your event, hence your current state of fatigue.

I would probably try getting a hold of some NADH by Enada, it will give you pretty good amounts of energy. Also, taking that much caffeine before your meet can burn out your adrenal gland. You might want to save the high dosage just for your meet. If you feel like you don’t get a big enough kick from the caffeine, then drink a glass of canned grape fruit juice. It has a nutrient?? called Naringin that will block you liver from breaking down caffeine too quickly in your body. You also might try Coleus Forskohli, it’s a product that some companies are starting to put in ECA stacks to really jack you up for a long time. If you get it, don’t take more than 2 pills in about a 6-8 hr span. It could make you a little too wired, this stuff can keep your ECA stack going for about 6-8 hours. Let me know if you need more stuff, I have some notes from a Charles Poliquin seminar with a stack that will really wire you up, but you need to start it a couple of hours before a meet/workout.

Lou give me as much info as you can. on another note I took third in the shotput and fifth in the hammer, earning All American Honors in both events. Not to bad for a freshman.