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Need Help With E Level Management

I have been on TRT for about 9 months and it has taken a while to get my levels tuned correctly.

I am currently using .7 t-cyp 2x weekly subcu; .3 hcg 2x weekly; and .25 arimidex 3x weekly.

My most recent blood test produced:



The E has almost doubled since my last test (about 3 months ago) and so I am guessing I need to go up on my adex. My thought is to use .5 3x weekly and see what that does. I’d like to hear what folks here think.

Other data points: I am almost 49 years old, am 6’1" and weigh just under 195. I have very low bf (about 9-10%).

Thanks for the help.

Can you report in mg’s and iu’s?
Please report E2 units and range.

You need 1.0mg adex per week. If your ??hCG dose?? is too high, that can create a lot of E. How does your dose compare to 250iu EOD?

We you taking hCG 3 months ago for the earlier lab work?
Did TT increase too? Numbers?

Is your adex prescribed or?

Waist size?

Sorry about the reporting.

I am on .7mg t-cyp 2x weekly and .3 ml hcg 2x weekly. I did bump the hcg up from the prescribed .25 ml 2x weekly as I thought that most folks were using .25 ml 3x weekly.

The Adex is prescribed and is .25 mg 3x weekly.

My waist is 31"

If I bump the adex up to 1.0 mg weekly, how does one do that with the somewhat tiny pills? Just take .25 4x per week?

Thanks again!

Lets start over. If your T cyp is 200mg/mg and you inject 2x0.7ml, that is 1.4 X 200 = 280 mg/week. Nope that can’t be right. Must be 100mg/ml and you are injecting 140mg/wk. But T level is too low for that. I give up.

Why are we playing games. You need to state T cyp in milligrams and hCG in international units. Do not report volumes that you inject. You need to know mg/ml for T and iu/ml for hCG.

We can discuss adex when you tell me what your T and hCG doses are.

You also need provide units and range for E2. Is “e” estradiol?