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Need Help with Doses

I just started using TRT, have been shooting up since 4/29 - so I’m on my 5th day today. First 3 days, I had amazing energy levels. Then noticed it started falling off slightly the past couple of days. Dr put me on 200ml every two weeks, for 6 weeks. Only taking in T, nothing else. These are my labs with ranges:

Total T - 225

Free T3 - 3.8
4.0 - 4.2

TSH - 2.3
0.5 - 1.0

TPO - 2

SHBG - 21.7
17 - 66

Glucose - 88

Hgb A1c - 5.5

Ferritin 125
10 - 220

Vit B12 - 747


Vit D - 15


Cholesterol - 234

TGY - 258

HDL - 31


LDL - 151

WBC - 6.7
4.0 - 11.0

Hgb 14.9
13.0 - 17.0

Creatinine - 0.96

Potassium - 4.6
3.5 - 5.3

Calcium - 9.8
8.5 - 10.5

GFR - 103


My questions are, how would I be able to know what is optimum? How did you guys figure it out? Can you provide some doses that you guys shoot and frequency? When did you notice that your mental energy picked up? Still having some brain fog as concentration is not there. Btw, I’m 34 years old.

Thank you

By how you feel.

Over time with some trial and error.

Most use a weekly injection protocol. Some prefer more frequent injections. Very few use a twice monthly schedule. You will definitely like once a week more than every two weeks once you try it. Most use 150-200mg per week. Some do fine with as low as 100mg per week.

Not sure how to answer that, mental energy? I noticed increased energy and overall improvement in a couple of weeks. It can take several weeks to reach your peak and the full benefits, like loss of visceral fat, can take several months.

Thanks for the response! Mental energy meant your ability to concentrate, focus on churning ideas in your brain, where you don’t have to read the same line of text 3 times over to understand it.

About that, your doctor is clueless, these protocols are proven in clinic studies to not work. Lower SHBG men do best on multiple doses per week. Prescription label says 200mg every 2 weeks, so your doctor blindly follows it believing it will work.

He doesn’t do this very often, TRT isn’t a specialty in medicine and most are operating in the dark in the field of TRT. You want someone knowledgeable, someone you don’t have to educate, whip out the pocket book.

Figure 1 graph B, 6 days later and levels are below the therapeutic ranges and you become estrogen dominate like a female.

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism