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Need Help With Diet


Hi All,
Just wondering if you can advise me on my training and diet more to do with the diet more than anything,
Here goes a bit about me, 39 years of age 5'10, male married with 2 children.I am in the constuction trade as a carpenter and joiner.

2 1/2 years ago I was 238 lbs with depression and been on 40mg of fluxoteine (have come of them this last 3 weeks and feeling ok) with an OCD personality having been mentally and physically abused from an early age by my parents and sexually abused by a female friend of the family at the age of 10 to 12 years (would not mind it now so much) LOL.

Any way light bulb moment, so started on the road to a better life style started on a calorie deficit diet and sort of muddled through for 2 years with running and lifting weights with no set programme and dieting as low as 1000 calories anyway I went down to 172 lbs so a loss of 66 lbs but looking like a scrawny cat with no muscle.

Here enters T-Nation ALL BOW which I came upon by accident, started to read and read and with a OCD personality got hooked, started learning about training with weights but this time doing it correctly, Being a FFB I do find it hard to come to terms with putting weight on but I went up to 182 lbs since doing ABBH 1 and ABBH 2 and now the WM which I love and still on a calorie deficit diet of around 1600 calories to 1800 per day I've been on the WM for 5 weeks now and doing well weights have gone up and strength is good and I have gone up to 192 lbs and still on a calorie deficit.

The part where I struggle with is the diet side of things out of the 32 days diet I have been on latley I seem to stray like a dog on heat for about 6 days out of 32 when I do go of my diet and eat, but I only eat porridge oats, whole meal bread, Grow! ps or cottage cheese, and still within 2000 to 2500 calories, on the day after I feel guilty that I have eaten the day before, I seem to work harder on GGP days and lift harder and stronger and seem to add on to the training and generally feel lousy that I have strayed.

I have been mixing things up a bit lately with eating carbs and protein in the morning and veg and fats and protein in the afternoon with the bigger meals at the beginning of the day, but getting a bit mixed up as I seem to be still gaining weight I hope its LMB.

I?ve been taking HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, creatine and workout days Spike and of course Metabolic Drive and seem to be doing just ok.
My typical days food intake as follows

7 am- 130g oats made with water and toped of with skim milk with some sultanas mixed in.

10 am- 1 can tuna in brine with med apple or banana or 6 egg whites (only do not eat the yokes) with apple or banana

12 pm- 1 can tuna in brine apple and banana

4 pm- small snack usually no more than 160 calories (Metabolic Drive or small piece turkey or chicken)

6 pm- egg omelettes made with 2 whole eggs and 6 egg whites and some broccoli toped with a hand full of oats or turkey and broccoli and cabbage dinner

8-30 to 9 pm-cottage cheese on 136 calories worth

Workout days I will have a double serving of Metabolic Drive 220 cal

I drink 12@ 500ml of iced water a day if not more

I have thought about the Velocity Diet but I struggle with a low carb diet and depression and feeling low need some help in a diet plan to work to, with OCD I seem to do better with a plan and a structured diet. My goals are to loose the remainder of the fat, look big and powerful (I no everyone?s perfect goal) and to have the abs show through just once in my lifetime then I will be happy well maybe, I just seem to be losing focus on the diet side of thinks.

There you go, rip me to pieces I can take it,

Need help
Many thanks


I wouldn't worry about gaining weight, you will with the workouts you are doing, and as you change workouts, you will puit on more mass. your diet looks good, you are probably gaining LBM, have your body fat checked if you are that concerned, you can buy body fat calipers which will give you a pretty good measurement to go by. I really don't think you have anything to worry about. The best way to tell, how do you look in the mirror??


And another thing i forgot to mention, when you said you strayed from your diet, well you may not be getting enough calories in.