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Need help with diet


I am now on my 6 day on a lowcarb diet, and my weight has reduced from 91,1 kg (200 pounds) to 89,5 kg (197 pounds). But my fat percent is exactly the same!! 14,1 percent (Accumeasure caliper, 3 site method). On my tanita scale the musclemass has been reduced and the fatmass i still the same. I am afraid that I am loosing to much muscle mass.

After each strenght trainig (30 minutes) I am powerwalking for 45 minutes (60-70% maxpulse).

My diet: 270 gram protein, 109 gram carbo, 98 gram fat = 2398 kcal. I eat 6 meals a day, my protein come from tuna, chicken, proteinpowder and cottagecheese. Carbohydrates, oatmeal at breakfast (45 grams of carbo.) - and banans with protein after training (65 grams carbo.) My fat come from Udo’s Choice and nuts. I eat only P+C and P+F meals.

Any advice…, Or should I not panic since this is only the 6 day?

I think that your cardio work is too much. Concentrate on strength training, and add a few HIIT style cardio sessions.

Also tweak your diet a little. Drop carbs a little more (limit them to your post workout nutrition to halt catabolism), increase protein to at least 300g per day, and add a little more fat to your diet.

Hope this helps


Thryio makes some good comments on the nutrition side, but the cardio may be fine (I do an hour of walking at 3mph @ 10% incline and it seems to be doing good). Also, you need some consistancy. It’s only been 6 days. Relax, give it some time. I have this feeling like there should be something else to comment on but I’ll catch it later. Keep at it man.

  1. Your caliper numbers could just be measurement error. Unless you are extremely proficient and experienced with skinfold measurements, you’ll have some measurement error.

  2. You’ve certainly lost some water weight in the first week of dieting, which technically is LBM on two-compartment bodyfat tests. You did not drop actual muscle tissue this week, and especially not that much.

  3. You do not need to increase protein intake any further.

  4. I think you’re eating too much.

Thank you very much for the reply guys! I try doing the same routine for just one more week without any changes. And be more consistancy like Bronx Bomer came up with.

If the weight loss then is high, and the fat mass reduction still is low, I must tweak up something. That’s for sure!

Maybe I then go for a higher protein intake from 275 to 300 grams as thyrio suggested, and cut the cardio from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.

I don’t think I am eating to much calories, and god bless I did’t lost that much muscles Thunder :slight_smile: maybe mostly water.

Do you think I should do my cardio in the morning on non workout days instead? Now I am doing it immidiately after my strenght training. Maybe that is to demanding for the muscles on a lowcarb diet, and it is too long time for the post workout nutriton beeing digested?

Maybe I then go for a higher protein intake from 275 to 300 grams as thyrio suggested, and cut the cardio from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.

I don’t think I am eating to much calories. [/quote]

Ok, I’m wrong.

change your carb source Post workout. If you are only getting around 100g Carbs per day make them count. A banana is not ideal, get some glucose/malto. try the HIIT instead of power walking, that is deffinately my prefered method of cardio.
Also keep an eye on your performance in the gym if poundages are dropping change something. also go for performance gains in you cardio.
that all for now :slight_smile: