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Need Help with Diet!!

Hello everyone,

i am new to this site but have been lurking around here for a while. I need help with my diet.
i am a football player and lift heavy compound lifts around 3-4 times a week. I have sprint training for about 30-45 minutes around 3-4 times a week.

I was told that the perfect macros for me to solid up would be around 3,000 calories 200 protein 400 carbs on workout days
and 2,500 cals 200 protein 300 carbs on non workout days would be perfect.
bw is 210…
what do you think?
and can you help me with foods?
i have been using yogurt, skim milk, chicken brown rice, and sweet potatoes, and cottage cheese.


I am also looking for diet help. I’ve been fat to obese my whole life and want to change that. I am inspired by Biggest Loser, but would be happy to lose 2-5 lbs/week. I checked out the V-Diet and don’t think I could do a mostly liquid diet. I just don’t have the willpower for that. I noticed a comment on one post that the Biggest Loser’s lowfat approach is antiquated. What do you suggest for someone who needs to lose fat? I’m open to protein shakes or other supplements. Thanks for any help you can give a beginner!