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Need Help With Diet & Supplements

Good Day. I hope you all can help me with some information. I have been reading a lot on the site and found the work out I wanted to do, (Christiane’s Top Ab Exercise) , except that everyone keeps saying eat right, eat right, but what is right?

I’m probably the worst person for eating habits, a lot of fast food during the week due to my work schedule. The only supplement I’m taking is just a multivitamin similar to GMC Mega Men…if it can even be called a supplement.

Would be great if I could get a supplement list for Ab Workout (and where to get it) and also what food to eat and how much.

I’m only 155lbs, 8.3% fat, and 6’0 slim build. I’m willing to try anything and willing to invest in me so any help would be highly appreciated. I live in Deltona, Florida if anyone if local.

Best thing you can do is read the Beginners thread pinned above and the diet articles and the rest that are linked and come back with educated ?'s


Alright I read the whole Massive Eating thread and found out i have to eat 3600 calories! Good lord now what? What the heck do I eat!?