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Need Help With Definition

no matter how I train i can’t get definition in my biceps. I can get define almost any other muscle except biceps, including tri’s. I have pretty decent sized arms but no definition in bi’s. Can any one help?

lose bodyfat.

How strong are you? Lots of fat guys have “huge guns” who can only do their curls with 100 pounds and use their 90 pound tricep rope extension like its a decline bench press. If you’re fat and not strong, you need to get strong.

This is my newbie advice but…maybe you should try more isolation exercises, such as dumbbell preacher curls, ez barbell curls, and try the Arnold dunbell isolation curls. (the Arnold isolation is where you rotate the wrist during a repetition)

Yeah dude, hate to jump on the bandwagon, but ‘definition’ happens when you aren’t fat, and your muscle has sufficient size to it.