Need Help with Cycle

Start off I’m 24 sitting at 210 pounds 6’ 2’’ at 8% bf and have been training hard for 2 yrs now. I did a cycle of Test E at 500mg a week for 12 weeks went up to 238 amd never went higher that 9% bf. I recently did a show and dripped to 194 my diet is clean and I take in 5500 calories a day.

My next cycle I want to bulk even better. I was thinking Test E and Deca? What would be the best ratio? in march I would like to step on the stage at min. 225 or higher. I’ve done my research but want to hear some different opinions.


I really liked it at 600 test 400 deca, got some really good strength gains, size blew up quite nicely. Most recommend test is 2x deca, i.e. 600-300, find what you are comfortable with.

If you’re going to be competing than feel free to kick it up a notch. You said you want your cycle to be a bulker but I tend to see a lot of bloat and unwanted weight gain in dosages over 300mg/wk. Ever considered Tren? At 200mg/wk along with your Test dose and an Oral you can put on some substantial size. Something like:

Test E 500mg/wk (Wk 1-12)
Tren E 200mg/wk (Wk 1-10)
Anadrol 25mg ED (Wk 1-6)

I’m not saying Deca is a bad choice cause I’m quite a fan of the drug, just the fact that you seem to want to stay relatively lean throughout the cycle and although it is attainable on Deca, it requires much more hard work. You’re eating 5000+cals a day, make life easier for yourself. I’m a big advocate of EQ on bulking cycles as well (due to huge hunger increase) although it would require a cycle of minimum 12 weeks at a high dose or 16 weeks at a regular dose. Good luck.