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Need Help with Cycle Plan


I was on deca/stan cycle about 2 years ago and was on deca 50 twice a week. it was my bad that i didnt read that much (although i did some) but i was just convinced by the trainer in a local gym to take deca.. well i can say i was "enticed" because im happy with my "biggest loser" achievement that i take pride in from being obese to a 140 pound through diet and exercise. he said gear will take me to the next level.

i can say i was lucky enough that i didnt experience shut down. in fact i was a beast in bed and girls loved my body then :smiley:

i took up 3 deca 50 bottles (10ml each) and 20ml of stan on a four month period and took clomid 4 weeks after my last dose...

unfortunately, of the 10 pounds of muscle i gained, i only kept 3 but the improvement in strength was there. (my max on bench with gear was 150 and i maintained 120)

i'm 5'7" and currently 140 pounds. my diet is good and i'm 29. i want to use deca again because of joint pains i have in shoulders, elbow wrist etc...and a better physique. i looked younger when on deca..i still look young but i guess i looked better and more fit then and yes, immune system improvement. most say deca is great but the only major risk is supression of natural test. its not that harmful to the liver and kidneys and that alcoholics even damage their liver more.

my questions are:

  1. now that i'm aware of possible shut down of my natural test production, i'm having 2nd thoughts..and i know i must use test with deca but how much of it do i need to use and how log (basically asking for a suggestion for a cycle) my trainer is bulk, has been winning contests but his knowledge is more on experience. ask him about the "scientific explanation" and he's uhhmmmm..

  2. i plan to use nolvadex/tamoxifen for my pct.. when should i take it? during or after?

i badly need expertise suggestions... i've been working out for 3 years now.. and has not been on gear for about 18 months. i've been reading a lot but i cant find specific answers to these.

  1. does deca provide LONG TERM cure for joints? or do you just feel pain free while on it?


You don't need gear!

5'7" 140 and you really want to juice?


  1. joint pains
  2. look youger
  3. add strength
  4. enhance immune system

but i'm afraid a second cycle will fuck up my test that's why i need a program/cycle which will do more benefit and minimize risks...i was lucky that the last cycle i had did not shut down my normal test even if i did not add test to my cycle and still had great libido then..

is equipoise a better option with joint pain??

i plan to join some modeling events too..


need help please


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Deca is better than EQ. But like Install said, using steroids st your size is absurd. Try some glucosamine and fish oil if your joints are bothering you for fucksake lol...

And deca doesn't make you look younger IMO. Deca causes bloat, not regeneration lol.


we have glucosamine and fish oil at home and i take them daily (kirkland)

when i was on deca i did look younger (although i can say that i still look young..i'm 29 but most think im just 23) yeah it would look absurd if i bulk up to 155...lol

thanks for the suggestions... but i tried it before as i said.. im more concerned that a second cycle would be harmful (despite me knowing i should run it with test but at least i did my pct)


all steroids will damage your natural test production.. get a blood test to see how your levels are.. you may need trt


Your a troll right??? Seriously??? You think you would look absurd if you got up to 155lbs at 5'7"... I'm 5'7" and 220 and I'm not even close to absurd looking.


Yup, troll.....


im asking these questions because i want to learn more. sorry if you guys think im trolling. i can even show you my facebook account.

5'7 at 160 pounds is much for my goals. i just want to look sexy, not huge... i can show people my pictures when i was on cycle vs natural...

as for my blood levels, i had a blood test of most of my hormones 3 months after my cycle and they are all normal. that;s why im said i'm lucky that without knowledge of "deca dick" i even performed better in bed... im just afraid that a 2nd cycle might do damage if i will have wrong cycle and doses of aas.. that's why i joined and now im asking questions.. i dont want to commit mistakes because the damage might be chronic if i mke the wrong move


im not trolling. i am asking questions for my second cycle.. and my last blood test on my hormones was march 2012, about 4 months after my cycle. i can post pictures too to prove im not a troll. i joined because i need answers from experts for my second cycle because i want to reduce (yeah not avoid) possible problems if i will not be careful with doses of my deca and test etc


goto a better doctor !


Please post pics.

We gave you the best advice you could get. DO NOT USE AAS PERIOD flat your goals are EAISLY attainable in a matter of months with nothing but food and good strength training routine.Also guess what if you dont run a cycle you run absolutely ZERO, 0, NONE, not even alittle chance of fucking up your hormones or getting Deca Dick. You need to stop posting here and move to the beginners section and learn how to eat and properly lift. I am not trying to be a douche this is the advice you need to hear whether you want to or not.