Need Help With Coracobrachialis Muscle Trouble

My coracobrachialis is giving me tenderness, pain and limited range of motion in my left arm. Lots of discomfort right in the armpit area. I find that massaging the muscle, and working on the trigger points, brings relief.

Somebody else here suggested the asymmetric dumbbell bench press as a good exercise to help. Any others? And – which exercises should I avoid for now?

I’m seeing an acupuncturist next week, to get this damn muscle better. I don’t believe it’s badly injured – just strained and/or tight.



I don’t know if it’s clear from the pictures, but these dudes have the bar hanging from straps in the rack. Then they grab the bar and move forward, which pull the arms up over the head. The key to the exercise is to use all your rib meat and side muscles to resist and control your arms as the raise over your head, and to slow down the movement.

This will teach you how to use every muscle except your coracobrachialis when you lift your arms up. Which should take some pressure of that little muscle and allow it to heal.

Another similar motion.

While this thing heals, try to avoid lifts with your arm overhead. So no chins or overhead pressing for a minute.