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Need Help with Bulk

Ive been lifting for 5 months, started kinda fat so bulked 2 months and the cutted 2, first bulk wasnt that great as i didnt count any macros, now i started bulking again when i got kinda lean, im eating 3000 calories, can someone be really honest on if i should cut (im getting too fat?)?

Height weight and age?

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Age: 18 Height: 178 cm weight: 80kg

What was your starting and ending weight for the 2 month bulk?

What was your starting and ending weight for the 2 month cut?

That’s a pretty bad angle to judge your body fat. It looks like you have no definition anywhere, but it doesn’t look like you have a gut hanging over your pants. So there’s that.

At your age and size, I suggest forgetting the words “bulk and cut.” Focus on lifting 3-5 days a week for the next 20 weeks - without skipping a workout. Eat three meals every day with animal protein, good carbs, and healthy fats in each meal - without skipping a meal. You’ll end up in a good place.


Thats what is called bulk lol

What exactly are you doing in the gym?

A 6x/week PPL routine, I do all the main compounds with some accesory work

Nope. A “bulk” is when the number one goal is to increase bodyweight every week. With the approach I wrote, the number one goal is to be consistent and not skip workouts or miss meals.

Now, what about those two questions I asked earlier?

Also, Bulldog asked “what exactly are you doing”. What you wrote is the opposite of “exact.”

The more details we have, the better advice we can give.


Yeah push, pull, legs.

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Well don’t I feel like a idiot… Maybe I should see about my sleep study results. Because obviously my grey matter isn’t 100%

Ah don’t worry bro, we all have foggy moments. The OP really doesn’t look like he wants help though. Being a bit vague and blunt…

Im sorry if i wasnt specific enough, I wasnt meaning to make you mad, my routine is:

Flat bench 4x3, 5, 6, 8
Reverse grip incline bench 3x6-9
High cable crossover 3x8
Low cable crossover 3x8
Db standing ohp 3x8
Laleral raises 3x8
Upright rows superset with face pulls 3x8
Skullcrushers ss with close grip bench 3x8
Overheas extension 3x8

Weighted chin ups 5x5
Supine close grip lat pull down 3x8
Low cable row 3x8
Db row 3x8
Db curls 3x8
Preacher curls 3x8
Hammee curl 3x8

Squat 5x5
Leg press 4x7
Harmstring curl 3x8
Calf raises 3x8
Leg press for calves 3x8

Again im sorry if i offended you, i do that all 2x week

I would say your routine is far too much. Doing that once a week would be pushing it and wasting energy in my opinion never mind doing it twice, bit too much fluff to be honest. You need quality over quantity and time to rest and recover, especially whilst bulking. I could provide a better alternative if you wish that is still push pull, and worked great for me when I started out.

I don’t think you really need to concentrate on cutting or bulking at this stage, worry more about eating as much good quality whole food as you can and progressing in a few chosen lifts. Building muscle takes time.

Ive been progressing a lot with this ammount of volume and gaining a lot of strength, do you think it will REALLY more beneficial to do less? I would like to see your ppl split

Push: 28 sets, 9 lifts
Pull: 23 sets, 7 lifts
Legs: 18 sets, 5 lifts

And you’re doing this twice a week??

I agree with @kd13 here. You have a lot of ‘stuff’ in here, but you’d likely be better off stripping it down to the ‘meat and potatoes’.

@BOTSLAYER - Runs PPL, and this is a program he posted for me a while back:


I’m not sure if you speak BOTSLAYER or not but it basically looks like:


Bent Over Rows
More Rows

Goblet Squats

  • Then depending on time, recovery, etc you can add a few little fluff sets to your weak points. At this point in your training career, I would really focus on your big lifts and be putting 80-90% of your energy into those (Bench, Military, Deadlifts, Rows, Squats) then just getting in volume and good pump work on the rest.

  • How long are your current workouts taking? I’m a big fan of 45mins - 1hr 15mins, and find anything less or more than that isn’t optimal for ME. I know some on here (@MarkKO) workout for 7hours a day, so it clearly varies.


The thing is im doing exactlu that but with some accesories that still allow me to recover perfectly and i feel they actually help me, i cant do some stuff because of a really mild scoliosis (bent over stuff and im taking a rest of dls), my workouts last like 1 hs, i really feel that i have nice arms and ive aleays trainned then like that

13 direct and indirect arm exercises.


Balance as can be.

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Asking for the third time… What was your starting and ending weight for the 2 month bulk?

What was your starting and ending weight for the 2 month cut?

When I started bulking the first time i didnt do it that well diet wise, I went from like 73 to 77, after the cut i went to 71 or 72 kg with no muscle size lost

There is a lot of general volume, i feel people underestimate tris and bis, with just 1 isolation for it i wouldnt do anything plus i dont grow my tris easily at all, but 3 excercises for bis arent that much.