Need Help with Bodyweight/Kettlebell Workout

Need help finding a template to gain a little muscle with bodyweight and kettlebells. I have a pull up bar and a set of kbs. I been following strongfirst for a few years and i have gotton alot stronger, but with size gain it falls short there. Can you give me a sample week of programming or point me to a good templete for my goals of 5-10 lbs muscle across upper body with the tools i have. I would be combining with kb front squats for lower body.

I will admit that this is not my area of expertise. You would be better off researching the work of Pavel / Strongfirst

Thanks for the honest reply and taking time to answer me. I was hoping to come to this site and learn more conventional bodybuilding style training .

Sure, the issue is that conventional bodybuilding training is hard to do with the limited equipment that you have. There are plenty of “bodybuilding” exercises you can do with KBs if you have 2 of each weight and if you have some light enough to do some of the more isolate exercises.

KB press
KB Savickas press (overhead press seated on the floor with leg extended)
Single arm KB press
See-Saw press
KB lateral raise
KB front raise

KB curl
KB hammer curl
KB reverse curl
KB incline curl (if you have an adjustable bench)
KB incline hammer curl

Overhead single KB triceps extensions
Overhead double KB extensions
KB triceps kickback
KB floor close grip press
KB floor triceps extensions

KB floor press
KB flies/floor flies
KB incline press (if you have an adjustable bench)
KB squeeze press (1 KB, pressing while squeezing it hard inward with both hands)

KB bent over row
KB kirk shrugs
KB upright row
KB 1-arm row
KB bent over lateral raise
KB seal row (if you have a bench)
KB Pendlay row

KB romanian deadlift with front of feet elevated
Single leg KB romanian deadlift
KB swings
KB Zercher goodmorning

KB Goblet squat
Dual KB squat
Dual KB hack squat
KB lunges or split squats


As for “bodybuilding methods” there are dozens of possible methods and the forum is not the place to explain all of them. The key thing to remember is to keep the target muscle(s) under tension for 30-60 seconds per set. There are several methods you can use, I will list some of them but you will have to research them yourself.

Sets of 6-12 reps with a moderate speed tempo (3-4 seconds eccentric, 1-2 seconds concentric)

Rest/pause ( Forced Growth: A New Way to Build Muscle )

Drop sets

Mechanical drop sets ( Jack Up Your Arms With Mechanical Drop Sets )

Pre-fatigue (doing two exercises for the same muscle group back to back/with no rest, doing an isolation exercise before a multi-joint one)

Post-fatigue (same as above but with the multi-joint exercise first)

mTor sets (Lower the weight over a 5-second count while tensing/flexing the target muscle as hard as possible at all times; Hold the full stretch position for 2 seconds per rep ; Do 6-8 reps like this, and on the last rep hold the stretch position for as long as you can tolerate. Again, you only do one set of this special technique/method.)

You can look up this article for sets/reps schemes to use: 22 Proven Rep Schemes


As for a training split, one that I really like is as follow:



Ideally 6 days a week (so each muscles being hit 3x a week)

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If you want me to help out more, please ask specific questions. I cannot design a plan for you as it’s one of the services I offer. But I will steer you in the right direction as much as possible.


Awesome just what i was looking for coach thanks alot.