Need Help with Bloodwork Before First Cycle

So I ate burger sliders, a coke, and split a very large sundae with my wife as a cheat meal request from her. This would have happened bout 17 hours before my blood test. Is that something that could have messed my glucose readings up? Outside of that I didn’t eat anything for about 12 hours before the test which I took at 8:30 AM.

I haven’t started my first cycle and wanted to get some feedback on my results before starting my first cycle. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

You have low test and low LH. Are you planning to cycle and come off? Or go on TRT?

I plan on BnC with C being a TRT dose. Although after getting my results I’m wondering if I should go see an endo and pursue that route.

You appear to be secondary hypogonadal already. I would get that sorted out first.


Get your TRT dose sorted out first before trying to run blast doses. I would see an endo, why not get a prescription if you can.

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Thanks, I’m going to do that.

Any thoughts on the glucose? Could that be associated with secondary hypogonadal, the meal before, both?

If you fasted 17 hours before the test than that should be adequate for the food to have not affected the test IMO. @unreal24278 thoughts? I mean you’re barely out of range. You are likely to get retested anyway due to your hormonal values. I would just do a follow up.

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Just wanted to say thanks again. Went to my physician today and he confirmed glucose wasn’t a big deal. He wants to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and ordered more labs. Said I don’t look like I have a problem with test :joy:

exactly, one should fast for 8-10 hours though, if his glucose is this elevated whilst FASTING for 17 hours I’d expect levels to be far higher had he fasted for the recommended, allocated amount of time… he MAY be (I’m not a doctor or medical professional) prediabetic… I wouldn’t run a cycle in this case, it’ll impair gains made and potentially make the situation worse… depending on what he’s going to use (and in general… though not sure about modest dosages of testosterone alone)

I fasted for about 12 hours that particular meal was 17 hours before hand. None the less I’m holding off until I sort it out with the medical professionals.