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Need Help with Bloods

Hi there need advice on blood test
Been crashed since last year balls n penis is shrunk
Tried hcg but no luck
Is it trt?


Your FSH is good and LH is really high and should produce pretty high testesterone

Something seems wrong with your testicels

I would say get them checked

Looks like a primary hypogonadism. You will most likely need TRT.

How long of cycles did your run? How man cycles? How long of a break between cycles? Did you run HCG on cycles?

Did a 12 week corse stopped did not cycle hcg and did not do pct
Tried hcg for recovery but no luck
How lng will it take for sex drive to bounce back while on trt!

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I don’t think the penis can shrink unless you were running a viagra cycle and have stopped running it

lol viagra cycles
Ill give that 1 ago

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@k411 it’s just a joke but for real I don’t think penis shrinkage is a thing

It’s real. Haven’t you ever been in a cold pool?

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@iron_yuppie yeah temperature induced chronic penis retraction

But how on earth is low-T induced permanent penis atrophy a thing?

I’m puzzled lmao :joy:

It’s not causing it. But keep in mind that a certain percentage of the population is a little nutty, some number of them will use steroids, and then a smaller number of them will find their way here. So pretty much all possible “problems” will show up here eventually.

Maybe I’m wrong but the options I see are :

maybe when you have high-T you have like a swole dick 24/7 like a 10% pump and when you get back to normal T levels you lose your 10% 24/7 dick pump?

Maybe when on steroids you felt superhuman and for some reason that made you delusional about your dick size

@iron_yuppie what’s your take on the actual possibilities behind this guys problem?

Depends on oestrogen levels as well as T levels but if E2 levels are right then you could have normal libido 30 minutes after your TRT dose

It may look like primary hypogonadism : you produce a fair amount of LH but your leidig cells don’t listen to the signal, they don’t want to produce T.

What were the substances in your cycle?

Test 400
Tri tren

Some will explain better than me, but your “sex drive” issue will not likely be fixed by trt. It would be a dopamine factor cause by 19nor, in your case the tren that you had in cycle.

If I’m correct the good news it that it will fix itself. The bad news is that it may take years…

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Jesus Christ, all that from 1 12 week cycle? is Tren THAT bad? yet people still run it.

OP, how old are you? just curious.

Ive been put on 125 mg per week test enthenate
Gona see how it goes for 3 months

Dint know tren would kill ur sex drive
33 pal

So the term “tren dick” didn’t raise any suspicion?

I wish you the best, but I’m affraid the trt will only solve one part of the problem (low T). The libido issue will take more time and they is not much you can do. Check out this forum, some people recover in 6 month, others in 4 years.

Just don’t take more substances to fix yourself, you’ll likely fck up more!

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