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Need Help with Blood Work Test Results

  Hey everyone, This place always comes up whenever I search anything about testosterone and thyroid issues so I wanted to see if anyone here can give me some insight into my recent test results. I originally had my testosterone checked when I went to my GP about some testicular pain I had been having. The results were 

Testosterone, Serum (Total)
Range: 348-1197.
My GP didn’t think it was an issue blah blah. I might have went with his if I hadn’t had a lot of the symptoms of low test like trouble with lower abdominal fat, mild gyno, low energy, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, etc. He sent me to an Urologist to take a look at the persistent pain, set up an ultrasound, and to retest my testosterone. He also tested infertility and thyroid.

These are the results:

FSH: 4.0 range- 1.4-18.1
LH: 2.4 range- 1.5-9.3
Prolactin, Total 2.9 range. - 2.1-17.1

T4, Total
T3 Uptake Ratio
Free Thyroxine

Value	Std Range


 Some numbers seem to be on the low side but is their anything I'm missing? I have taken my temperature for about 2 weeks and noticed that it never gets to 98.6. It is normally around 97.3-98.1. I apologize ahead of time for the format. I'm posting from my phone. I will edit it later if I need to.

How old are you. Lab results are often age adjusted. You want to be looking at ranges for young men, not old men.

Thyroid: Your labs look reasonable. But please check your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures.
When you first wake up, 97.7-98.8 is good, a bit higher is good too. 97.3 is a definite problem.
Also need 98.6 mid-afternoon.

Have you always used iodized salt, otherwise probable iodine deficiency.

Is the range for fT3 correct?
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If fT3 is mid-range or better and body temperatures are low, elevated rT3 is suspected problem. See ‘thyroid basics’ sticky and ^F search inside for rT3, adrenal fatigue, Wilson’s book, 97.3, iodine, iodized

Your exam at Urologist has not happed yet?

What lab did the blood work?

Body temperature is effected by fT3 acting on mitochondria. rT3 can block fT3. Mitochondria also need CoQ10 to function. Statin drugs can lower CoQ10; so there are multiple possible factors.

 I am 26. I just woke up 45 minutes ago because I work 3rd shift and my temperature is 97.1. I haven't seen anything above 98.3 yet. I also checked my girlfriends temperature to see if the thermometer was low but hers registered 98.6.

 I actually had stopped adding salt to food about 4 years ago because I had High blood pressure since I was 19. I got it under control about 2 years ago so I just stuck to it. I normally only add some potassium chloride. After reading about iodine deficiency here, I decided to start adding it in my food but just in the past 2 weeks. I also take Orange Triad which has some iodine in it.

 I also stopped taking caffeine other than a diet soda every now and then to make sure I wasn't giving myself adrenal fatigue or making it worse if i had it.

 Yeah the range is correct. Does it look strange? I will definitely look back over the stickies and try to get a better understanding of everything.

 Yeah the exam has happened but not the ultrasound. He believes the pain is from epididymitis and not related to my other symptoms. I am waiting for them to call to schedule the ultrasound.

I am not sure who did the blood work. I’m looking at my charts online and it doesn’t say. I should get paperwork sometime this week. If not I will call them.

I’m not currently on any prescriptions other than the antibiotic he just prescribed me. I study some more on the rt3 and ft3 relationship.

Do you think I should look into going to an endocrinologist? Thanks for replying.

Take a multi-vitamin that lists iodine AND selenium. Selenium deficiencies can lead to thyroid auto-immune disease.
Orange Triad looks good. Have you used it for a long time?
It can take a long time to restore iodine levels with micro-gram dosing.

Soft drinks: If you have a history of citrus flavored drinks, you might have a bromine problem from the bromated vegetable oils [BVO] use in those products. BVOs are been phased out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brominated_vegetable_oil
Bromines displace iodine in the body. A few guys here have had that problem. If this is a problem for you, IR can displace bromines, but doses may need to be high [unknown].

Salt reduce diets: Doctors never consider or ask about iodine.

That fT3 range does seem different. It translates to a lower mid-range than we typically see.

I’ve used it for about 6 months or so. I ordered kelp tabs so I’ll start taking those this week and continue monitoring my temperature to see if it begins to rise. I will discontinue any citrus flavored sodas. Anything else to avoid? Also not that I did the pupil adrenal gland test and my pupils will not stay dilated for any length of time so I’m certain I have adrenal fatigue also. I’ve drop all caffeine. Any other recommendations there? I really appreciate it.

try 2mg iodine per day for two weeks

read drink ingredients

do not overlook selenium :wink: