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Need Help with Bicep Peaks


I have been working the bicep and tricep and making good progress (i do the rest of the body too but that's not relevant to this post) my arms are getting generally bigger but now i want to focus on getting a nice bicep peak. Any sugestions on the best exercises for achieving this?

Looking forward to hearing some views


All about genetics.

Just get the fuckers as large as you can.


A said above. Create a time machine and select different parents


Are you fishing for Headhunter to respond to you?

Looking forward to seeing thoughts on this thread.


You can't "shape" a muscle.

It can do a couple things, get larger, get smaller, or stay the same. Sure you stress the muscle at different angles(Inclines for Chest,differing stance for squats, etc) but basically its just about making a muscle larger.


I never said get fat in the process, if you think that is going to be what he attacks in my statement.

I mean just eat enough to get bigger, and increase you curl numbers by 300-400% and your biceps will most likely look larger.


This thread isn't taking the fun turn I was thinking it would (yet).

Time for some devils advocate.

What about the number of guys/bodybuilders who advocate restricted range of motion work to build the peak.

Such as working to only 90 degrees through bicep curls; doing standing high shoulder cable curls, but only working from full flexion to 90 degrees........


Already mentioned. Genetics. I do seated concentration curls but not with the stupid belief of getting a peak merely for the pump and because they kinda of look like they have a peak from that angle.



Just kidding.

Everyone else has said things of greater value than anything I could tell you now.


I've always heard that the long head of the biceps is mostly responsible for the peak, and that you can emphasize the long head with exercises where the biceps stretches behind your body, such as an incline dumbbell curl.


The best you can hope for is to focus on different ways of hitting the two heads of your biceps and the Brachialis underneath them (maybe some concentration curls).

A lower body fat might help them pop out a bit more.

But yeah it's pretty much genetics.


I've been lifting for 5 years and the way my bicep has peaked has always remained the same. There's nothing you can do about it, it's genetics.

From what I've seen guys with short biceps insertions are the ones with the great peaks, However, someone with longer biceps insertions will have a fuller looking muscle, and generally larger, but at the expense of a crazy peak.

It's a trade off, both have their pro's and cons.


Try to flex the long head of the bicep. Can't really do it can you?

Just lift hard and use various exercises and grips. Different exercises and grips use different recruitment patterns. The reason you won't see too many guys in the gym doing incline curls is because they are hard and require more effort thus you'll have to reduce poundages. Of course your muscles don't care about poundage, only about force.

You want a peak?

Step 1: Get a knife and a piece of string.
Step 2: Cut up your arm so you can reach your bicep tendon insertion point.
Step 3: Cut off the tendon at the bone. This might hurt.
Setp 4: With your peice of string, or maybe a soldering iron, attach the tendon closer toward you.

BANG. Now you got a peak..:slight_smile:

It's genetics. I'm small as fuck but have a pronounced peak, especially in the right arm. Also, lose bodyfat. You may not see a peak because your arms are too fat.

You could always try to shorten your limbs? That seems to work wonders. Just get a hacksaw and a blow torch...


i image my arms as giant mountains, i imagine thaat they will explode from da pump.




personally i think less a peak and longer/lower bicep insertions look WAY more bad ass, come on you know its true


If you really want to blast your biceps, lay on a flat bench with dumbells hanging from each arm in a curl position. meaning, just like the incline curl except on a flat bench to furth increase the tension on the bicep so you can really tear those muscle fibers apart.

Whatever rep scheme you use will be very beneficial. Unfortunately, like everybody has already mentioned genetics plays a huge roll in how your biceps are shaped, how high they peak, even how long they extend down to the top/beginning of your forearm.


As you biceps get bigger the peak will be higher as well. Shorter biceps when developed will always have a more defined peak than someone with long biceps. Arnold used to say that Sergio Oliva could have had a high peak like him if he had done "supination" while curling dumbbells, which is bullshit.

Arnold had more peak because he had shorter biceps. Sergio's were enormous as well as long. I respect Arnold's accomplishments, but he was so full of shit at times.


I remember my first beer...... :slight_smile:


I think the freaky factor hands down goes to guys with biceps like Ruhl but aesthetically yes, I'd go for the longer biceps.