Need Help with Belt on Bench

I’m using an Inzer lever belt, and it works great on my squat and deadlift. On the bench I just can’t seem to figure out how to get it to help me. I always see everyone using it on bench in competition, and I’m wondering what function it’s supposed to serve on the bench. I find that it just makes it harder to get as big of an arch for me. Is the point to help you hold your arch or something? How should the placement be, and what function is it supposed to be serving on bench? Just looking for any tips on the subject, thanks.

For me personally, I feel like it gives me something to push my abs against, gives me a stronger base, and keeps my lower back from cramping up. My arch is the same belt or no belt. Maybe you need a belt that’s not as wide, but I would keep working with your setup before going that route.

all the guys that i know that use a belt on the bench and only wear it to help keep their bench shirts in place.

i used to wear a belt while i benched and i felt like it helped until i really learned how to properly arch…hard. now that i have a better arch and tighter setup, the belt just feels like it gets in the way.

I have a relatively high arch and bench single ply. I only use a belt on bench to hold my shirt in place, and don’t latch it until I’m ready to go, shirt in place, and about to hit the platform. I use a 1-1.5" titan lever bench belt. I never use a belt raw. The best way for me to get my shirt and belt in place is to arch in warmups, have my shirt yanked down in the arch, and have it latched that way. I always have my shirt pulled down between attempts, too. The shirt slips so it needs constant adjustment. It hurts but is effective.