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Need Help With Abs (Kidney Problems)

hey fellas
i am new to T-Nation forum but have been hanging around the site for the last couple of years.i seem to have developed a small problem over the years…my gut.
a little about myself i am 26 years old and have been training for the 9 nine years,taking my bodyweight from 140 to 190 lbs as of now…

A year after begining training i was diagnosed with congenital kidney problems,so since then i have not trained my abs with the regular situps crunches leg raises or other similar exercises,as it hurts to do those exercises and also elevates my blood pressure…so i was hopin if you could suggest some exercise forthe core ,that could help me lose my gut…the deit is as tight as i can keep it…since i cannot increase protein intake too much.

Doing ab work won’t necessarily cause you to lose your gut.

Military presses, squats, overhead squats, various bridges, barbell Russian twists etc…

You don’t have to do situps and leg raises to get good abs, in fact it’s one of the lesser exercises for abs. It’s better for training hip flexors!