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Need Help With a Volume Workout


I've been working out for awhile now and my goal is to gain muscle/weight. a trainer at my gym put together a workout for me about 2-3 months ago, its a 5 day a week workout and its at the bottom of my post. Now he is telling me that i need more of a volume workout. He also told me to search on this website, so i did and found the OVT workout

I printed out the workout and showed it to him. He said he doesn't like it and it needs more volume...i kinda get flustered when he says that, b/c i don't really know what volume means.

Only thing i could guess is that it contains alot of SS (supersets). But if anyone could point me in the right direction of a good volume workout i would greatly appreciate it! Here is my old workout:

Week 1
Bench Press 5x5 (185lbs)
Incline DB Press 3x8-12 (40lbs)
Dips 3x8-12
Cable Crossover 3x8-12
Pec Deck 3x8-12 (150lbs, 1x25% less weight burnout)

Week 2
Decline 5x5 (SS1)
Incline Barbell 5x8-12 (SS1)
Dips 3x8-12
Cable Crossover 3x8-12
Pec Deck 3x8-12 (150lbs, 1x25% less weight burnout)
Crunch Machine

Warmup - Hip Abductor
Bulgarian Set 5x10
Hack 5x10
Duo Squat 5x10 (50lbs - 80lbs)
Leg Extensions 3x12 (SS1)
Leg Curl 3x12 (SS1)
Ham Stretch 3x10 (on seated calf raise machine)
Seated Calf Raises 3x8-12
Standing Calf Raise 3x8-12

Alt. DB Press 5x10
DB Laterals 3x10
Rear Dealt Cable Laterals 4x10
Rear Dealt Machine (Standing Angle) 3x10
Cable Up-Right Row & Press 2x10 (120lbs)
Incline Trap Press 4x10
Trap Laterals (underhand grip) 3x10
Smith Single Arm Shrug 3x10
Reverse Crunch 3x10 (on bench)
Bicycle V-Ups 3x10

Pull Ups 3x8-12
Lat. Pull Downs 3x8-12
Bent Rows 3x8-12
One Arm DB Row 3x8-12
T-Bar Row 3x8-12
Seated Calf Raise 3x8-12
Standing Calf Raise 3x8-12

Preacher Curl Machine 21s 3x8-12 (SS1)
Cable Pressdown 3x8-12 (SS1)
Rope Cable Curls (20lbs) 3x8-12 (SS2)
Seated Overhead Extension (60lbs) 3x8-12 (SS2)
Negative Curl Machine (60lbs) 3x6-8 (each arm) (SS3)
Negative Weighted Dips 3x8-12 (SS3)
Tri-set (20lbs)


Unless you're on juice, I'd say you already have too much volume. (volume is generally defined as the total number of exercises, sets, and reps)


Are you paying this "trainer"?


no, at my gym when you sign up, you get 5 free sessions with a trainer. So will this OVT workout help in my situation?


Well you seem like a beginner, and in my personal opinion I don't think you need to do anything specific or advanced.
The exercise regimen your trainer provided is actually pretty stupid. Although I'm sure it is just very generalized for the sake of being at least semi-applicable to most people (including both young men, and fragile old ladies).

I would recommend you simply get stronger in the basic bodybuilding exercises by working out each muscle group with 2-3 good exercises, splitting up the bodyparts and hitting them all over the course of one week.

In general your larger muscle groups only require about 12 total sets, and your smaller ones around 9 total sets per workout.

Add an increase in daily calories consumed, and you should see a muscle and strength increase.


Oh, absolutely! Never mind the haters, I believe you will find this is the perfect solution to your problem of having nothing to do and needing an excessively time consuming hobby!


What's the deal with the cable cross overs, leg curl, decline bench, and hip abductor?