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Need Help with a Training Program

Hello everyone!!
This is my first post and I am expecting to be regular. Anyway, so I am 17 years old, 5’6 and 145lb . Been working out since 14. I started with calisthenics as i was extremely weak (not like I am no longer weak now lol). I couldn’t even do a push up on my knees. After 2 years I started some odd object lifting and picking up my bed like a deadlift. And 7 months ago I started benching, deadlifting such with my bed. I couldn’t go to a gym as my o levels exam was near.

Whatever, a few weeks ago I bought an Olympic barbell and 190kg of weights. Now I can do 150 kg deadlift, bench press 70kg for 4, overhead press 55kg for 5 and squat 40kg for 20 reps (i dont have enough space for a squat rack). Yes i know my squat is extremely weak. It may due to my weak quads or something but i am working on it. Regardless, this is how my training program looks like.

Day 1
-heavy Deadlifts
-Hang cleans
-High volume bent over rows
-Bear hug carry or farmers carry

Day 2
-Plyometric pushups
-Heavy bench/overhead press
-High volume overhead/bench press
-That front raise hold stuff you see in strongman competition for time

Day 3
-Back squats high bar 20 reps with additional sets of 10 or 12 reps
-Front squats high volume
-Some type of lunges

From day 4 to 6, my have very low intensity

Day 4
-Some pullups
-Some light deadlifts
-Some bicep and forearm work

-Light bench press
-Light overhead press
-Some lateral raises
-Some tricep work

-High volume back high bar squats
-High volume front squats
-Step ups or something

Day 7

Thats what I am doing. Is it okay? Or is there any way i can improve it? Thanks for spending your time reading it. Have a nice day.

Welcome to the forum.

You don’t provide nearly enough information to get helpful critique.

First of:
You are posting this in the strongman category of the forum. Do you want to compete in strongman or train like a competitive strongman?
What exactly are you trying to achieve?
What did you do, program wise, to get where you are now?

Onto the program you posted:
You pretty much just created a list of exercises. The only information about the intensity of those exercises you provide is “heavy” or “light”. The only information you provide about volume/ set/rep scheme is “high volume” or “some”. I think you see what I am getting at.
In addition you also did not include a progression model.

I would highly encourage you to follow an existing program that is known to work, instead of creating your own. Check out 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler for example. I would also invite you to follow some workout logs of strongman on this site to get an idea of how they train (but be careful and don’t copy everything someone does who has at least twice the experience you have got). Logs of competitive strongmen on this site would be: Th3Pwnisher, Alpha, strongmanvinny2, TX_iron among others.

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