Need help with a song title and performer

Ok, so we’re on the way to dinner last night (never ever head to dinner at 6:30 on a Friday, unless you don’t plan to eat until 8. anyway…) and I didn’t like what Demo had selected on the radio so I started hitting the seek buttons to find something better. I stopped on this twangy, folky song just for sheer torture. It had to be one of the funniest, most non-PC songs I have ever heard. I’d LOVE to hear a remake of this one!!!

It’s this old guy singing about how much he loves his blimp. Then he goes on to say that he loves fat women, and that he needs to use chalk to find out where he is when he hugs her. And how you know a guy loves fat women when he has chalk in his hand. At the end, he is proposing to her and another guy comes out from the other side of her with chalk in his hand.

Ok, maybe you have to hear it, but it was REALLY funny. Has anyone ever heard this? It was on an old people radio station, and the next song was so bad it made our ears bleed so we changed the station.