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Need Help with a Sarms Plan

I’ve been lifting for years, I’m finally at a spot where i can’t progress… been reading up on sarms and pct cycles, my question is what’s the good sarm and pct for a beginner with this kind of supplements.

Truthfully sarms is a waste of time and money for the price of 2-3 bottles you can get a good 12 week test only cycle and make some keepable gains.

So LGD 4033 is also a waste of time? And what brand of test is good?

I have tried lgd and rad and some others, its funny because i actually have a half bottle of lgd-4033 lying around somewhere and I never looked back. The gains of real test compared to the lgd are not even remotely comparable. When on lgd i did 20mg daily and all i really felt was a pump i put on 2-3 lb of muscle in 3 months… but i am sure it was from my training and diet not from the lgd.

Yea from the forums and stuff I’ve read about 4033 it looked good, now I’ve never took a rest, the closest test I’ve taken is gnc cellucor p6, is there a make/brand of test u prefer?

Brother, a few things i will mention…1. P6 is a test booster, not testosterone. This means the various ingredients may give a slight test increase (we’re talking single digit %) and not always for everyone. 2. Don’t bother asking where to get real test on here, afaik it isn’t allowed, given the stuff is illegal so that would probably constitute facilitation of selling illegal drugs. 3. I ask this because plenty of the far more knowledgeable guys in here will do the same, what are your numbers? Weight? BF%? macros? Lifting numbers?

Saying you’ve lifted for yours and have hit your genetic plateau is far different from actually doing it. There are half a dozen guys a day posting in here saying the same thing because their eating isn’t dialed in as well as they think, or they aren’t going hard enough in the gym or lifting as heavy as they could be to see gains. If you want a source, go ask the resident user in your gym and hope for the best, if you want a basic plan, there are plenty of threads, but you haven’t given really any details that indicate you need to bother with steroids yet.

I’ve hit my personal plateau, myfamily genetics 6ft 250+ I’m 6"2 195, bf 11% and I hit the gym 4-6 times a week. I don’t try to hit pr’s but bench is 275, squat is 350, dead is 375, my macros very cuz my job has me on a swing rotation every week, i average 4000 cals a day, couldnt tell ya my exact fat and protien intake. What I’m looking for is something to give me an edge, not something that I have to rely on.

i completely understand that. Looking at your numbers, id say work on strength because there is room for improvement there. If you never focus on strength and moving heavier weight, absolutely you can plateau out from only hitting the same numbers. All that said, I wouldn’t really bother with SARM’s, everything i’ve read, here and elsewhere, basically shows they are either too weak to do much more than a run of the mill test booster, which isn’t much. Or they are strong enough to work, but will suppress natural test levels so unless you want low T issues after a sarm cycle (say LGD for example) it’s still advised to run it with test of some kind, so you are back to the basic cycle conundrum anyways.

Haha I see, I was thinking about sarms, but won’t go down that road, and when I said I don’t do prs, I change up my routine high rep low weight, and low rep high weight, bench is really bout the only thing I don’t or on, I’ll go all out on squats. All said, I appreciate the info on test and sarms