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Need Help With a Paper


I'm writing a paper for my biochemistry class about endogenous anabolic hormones and was wondering if some of you guys could help me out (I have yet to re-scour the newbie thread, but I will). I will be concentrating on Insulin, GH, Tren, Dbol, Deca, and the different esters of Test.

The area where I need assistance is with regards to the Tren, Dbol, and Deca. The main purpose of the paper is to analyze pathways and effects of the different drugs. If anyone can explain if/how the pathways of these drugs differ from Test I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, y'all.


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I also have some physics problems that are due tomorrow. If anyone would like to explain electromagnetism to me, PM me.


If your report is on Endogenous Anabolic Hormones, then I suggest leaving out Tren, Dbol, Deca, and Estrified Testosterone- as none of them are Endogenous....

Feel free to PM me or whatever. I answer 100% of my PMs and e-mails.


Wouldn't you able to find all of those pathways through your school's library, either online or on paper? If you are taking biochem, they probably want you to cite legitimate peer-reviewed sources, not a website. (Nothing against T-Nation.)


Neither tren, deca, or dbol are ENDOgenous hormones.

You sure you're in school?


shit, I meant EXOgenous. And for the Insulin and GH I was gonna concentrate mostly on pharmaceuticals also.


Was planning on it.

The reason I asked here was that I have to turn in a one page abstract before anything I could order would come in.


your first problem may be that you dont seem to know what endogenous means, unless i am missing something


I didn't mean to get everyone on the Endogenous vs. Exogenous bandwagon here...I was just trying to help.

Anyway, I'm a bit confused by the "pathways" we're talking about here...that's a little broad...

Are we talking Genomic vs. Non-Genomic or...?

Define "pathways"...because I'm not that smart...


I suggest you try not to focus on too many hormones. Take for example a hormone that binds well to the AR and compare it with one that does not, and then compare it with testosterone.

Maybe you should use trenbolone as it is used in cattle - then you don't have to refer to bodybuilding and 'juicing'

As for GH and insulin, if you include these you paper will become too expansive, and lack focus.

Just some advice on how to actually get a good mark on your research :slightly_smiling: