Need Help with a 3 Month Program

I need a program that will maximize my size and gaines. I am getting ready to redeploy back from Iraq in a few months, and I want to be in peak condition before I see my family again… It’s been almost 2 years. Right now I have a decent program, just not feeling as if it is leading to maximum potential.

My top #s are: Bench 265LBS/Deadlifts 345/ Squats 285/ Shrugs(barbell)240/Leg Press 400, ect. I weigh 160 from 144, 4 weeks ago. Help me please. He is a aphoto at +2weeks.

How long do you have to train, what facilities do you have at your disposal, and what do you mean by ‘maximize my size and gaines’?

Your bench is excellent compared to your squat and deadlift. Either that, or your squat and deadlift are poor. If you are looking to maximize growth all over, focus more on those lifts as they recruit the most motor units (and thus, utilize the most muscle tissue).

Also, a 3 month program might not be great. Maybe 2 6-week programs would be more wise, this way your body does not adapt to a certain routine. You could still keep a basic template and just swap certain exercises to some extent as well.

If you are looking for strength and size, then any of the various 5x5 routines should be useful. Applying these to the Shotgun method is also effective. Focus on heavy compound lifts (Do I sound like a broken record yet?), especially squats and deads. I have gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks, 2" around my quads, and increased my squat/deadlift by 50/70 lbs respectively.

People are going to notice a pretty big difference if you up the squat, deadlift(or powerclean), and presses, chins, and finally your curl. Why the curl? because your family will mostly only be able to tell your back size changing, your chest, and your arms. BUilding up your erectors, lats, chest, shoulders, and arms is probably going to be your best option. Which at your (and my) point in training you just need to bring up everything.

Got it, thanks…I am trying to add atleast 5LBS or more to every excersise every session. Now, I have run into some complications at the little gym we do have. Somehow soldiers break everything! So when they manage to break a machine, I do not have a variation to take it’s place. I mostly have access to a few barbells and dumbells, we have a Smith machine, and one other cable set, a preacher, and two decline beches…A little crude, just hard to vary.