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Need Help With 6 Week Cycle


my stats:
25yrs old
5ft 7inches
180lbs 15%bf
bench-290lbs max
squat-315 x 3 deep squats (ass on calves)
deadlift-385 x 3

was thinking of doing about 600mg a week of test enanthate with dbols. i have been lifting on and off for the past 5yrs. have been lifting religiously for over 2yrs.

been in iraq for the past 14months and haven't been able to follow a strict diet like i would like to but do get 9hrs of sleep a day and lift 6 days a week. its kind of an arnold program, some would say its overtraining because i hit every muscle 3 times a week.

take in roughly 3200 cal a day split evenly between 5 meals and a cassein shake before bed. if anyone has any ideas to help me out especially on retaining some mass after the cycle, i definitely would appreciate it!


Enanthate takes 2 weeks just to start working. 10-12 is what most guys on here say. Dbol 30-50mg for the first 4-6 weeks. And dont forget to step up the protein 1.5g per lb of bodyweight

PS No mention of PCT ?

PPS My 2 cents. Every muscle 3 times a week is overtraining.


I would just stick with the 600mgs Test-Ethan just to see how you would react to it. Thats always the suggestion. Also make sure you have your PCT in order before you decide to start. Save your Dbols for the next cycle as a good kick start.


yes i am thinking of either clomid or novaldex. that was my biggest mistake when i was a kid and juiced. sincity i know it sounds like i am over training but i have noticed that the first 2 weeks i was then i only did 4 times a week, working everything 2 times a week. that never gets me any progress, the only way i see growth is if i hit everything hard 3 times a week.

me and my army buddies lift together and everyday they are amazed at how strong i am in everything but chest. also sincity i take roughly about 2grams of protein per lb. mostly from gainer and muscle milk because iraq doesnt have the best selection for food!

dirtbag i will def. have my pct before i start, there is two things i need before i start a pct and a very strict diet.


Test E. is a bad choise for a shorty.
You should use Test Prop.
I think 600mg/week is a good starting point.


cadav why do you think proponiate is better than enanthate?


Cadav recommended Test Prop for a shortie for the same reason that 90% of anyone running a 6 week cycle would - because it's fast acting and fast leaving.

The Longer esters are going to take around 3 weeks to reach somewhat peak levels, with around 6 for a stable level, and 3 weeks to taper off to below endogenous levels, which would leave you with something like this as far as blood levels would go: (rough idea using 500mg a week of test enanthate just to should you an idea of the blood concentration)

week 1 332
week 2 531
week 3 607
week 4 635
week 5 646
week 6 650
week 7 384
week 8 246
week 9 110
week 10 42
week 11 21
week 12 8

So if you ran a long ester then you would want an oral for the first 3 weeks, an AI at a low dose for the first 8 and PCT starting at week 8 for 4 or so weeks giving you a 12 week cycle including PCT.

weeks 1-6 Test E : 1ml twice a week
weeks 1-3 Dbol : 20mg twice a day
weeks 1-8 Arimidex : .25mg everyday
weeks 9-12 Nolvadex : 20mg everyday

While with something like Prop, you would run it for 6 weeks at 1-1.5ml or 100mg to 150mg every other day and then PCT for 3:

weeks 1-6 Test P : 100-150mg Every other day
weeks 1-6 Arimidex : .25mg every day (maybe)
weeks 7-9 Nolvadex : 20mg every day

Also note that you could replace the Arimidex with Proviron or Masteron as you won't be needed much estrogen "protection" and leave out the AI.

And not to make it any more confusing or long to read, but my general recommendation for a beginner cycle that would suit you quite nice is:
weeks 1-10 Test E : 1ml on Mon and Thu
weeks 1-12 Arimidex : .25mg every day (every other day first two weeks)
weeks 13-16 Nolvadex : 20mg every day

and I like to add
weeks 2-11 Hcg: 400iu on Tue and Fri


For a 6 week cycle, prop is a ton better choice since enan is such a long ester....

Do you know the differences in the esters bushmaster?


prop has a shorter ester than enanth. so it kick in quickly


Hey thebeat, those levels aren't in nanograms per deciliter are they? The peak of your measurements are below regular max physiological level going by nanograms per deciliter


No, just a real rough idea of the mg's present from the injects. Real rough numbers just to show my point.
A "blood level" of 100mg usually gives a ng/dl of around 550ng/dl, 300mg is around 1350ng/dl and 600mg is usually around 2400ng/dl. Personally for me 175mg of Prop gives me around 850ng/dl and 350mg of Prop was around 1800ng/dl, currently 200mg of Cypi gave me 926ng/dl, just for some sort of reference, but also don't put too much into this either.

To TRY to put it in ng/dl, although not too accurate and not taking many factors into account, we would get something like:
week 1 332 - 1500ng/dl
week 2 531 - 2124ng/dl
week 3 607 - 2428ng/dl
week 4 635 - 2540ng/dl
week 5 646 - 2564ng/dl
week 6 650 - 2600ng/dl
week 7 384 - 1586ng/dl
week 8 246 - 1107ng/dl
week 9 110 - 605ng/dl
week 10 42 - 252ng/dl
week 11 21 - 125ng/dl
week 12 8 - 50ng/dl
Really the point that should be taken from this is that 3 weeks after the last injection (week 9), exogenous blood levels are still at or around natural production levels, and really the exact time is not for quoting but rather again to show the length elevated levels are present.


world. yes i know the difference between the esters, it corresponds to the half-life of the levels in the blood stream. long esters take longer to kick in but last longer. i wasn't even paying attention that test e was a short ester. you're all right though test prop would work better.

the only issue i have is that i am going to thailand for 6 weeks exactly and i dont think i can get clomid or novaldex in the states considering if i could get all this stuff in the states i wouldn't be going to thailand. so i am trying to find a way to come off of the test without so much weight loss, i was thinking of throwing in some anavar at the end, like the last 2 weeks. if anyone has a legit source they would share that would be greatly appreciated.


OK, if you are going to be in a location where you are going to run a cycle for 6 weeks and then not have an opportunity for continuing with PCT later, then I would redesign your entire idea. In your case I would probably just run Anavar at around 60mg a day for the length of time you are able to run your cycle.

You will get a little suppressed, but not nearly as much as with other steroids - and to be completely honest, you probably won't even notice your suppression. After your cycle and when you get back, I would concentrate on OTC products like TRIBEX, Carbolin 19, and maybe some of those OTC recovery agents - if you don't mind the crazy acne they cause (at least for me).

So maybe something like:
weeks 1-6 Anavar : 60mg/day divided into two doses AM/PM
weeks 7-8 TRIBEX : 4/day divided into AM/PM
weeks 7-9 Carbolin 19: 4/day divided into AM/PM
Take week 10 or 13 off completely from everything -supplements and training.


Have you ever heard of research chemical?


seroiusly, you can get whatever you need in the states for doing research on lab rats via research chemmies.