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Need Help with 4 Day Split

Hi I am currently doing a 4 day split split into Upper and lower days. It looks like this at the moment. Upper strength
Lower strength
Upper Hypertrophy
Lower Hypertrophy
An example of my lower strength day I did today was hack squat 4x6
Sumo deadlift 4x5
Lying hamstring curl 4x8
Leg extension 4x8
Standing calf raise 4x10
The hypertrophy days I use different exercises and go upto 15 reps. Is anyone currently doing a split like this or do you have any advice on other programmes that are similar that will work. My goal is to add some good size and shape. Thanks in advance people

I currently do a push pull split over 4 days

Push (quads, chest, shoulders, tris)

Pull ( hams, back, biceps)

I keep the same weight until I can complete 4 sets of 12 then I add more on the next session. Just making sure that volume is increasing.

4/5 exercises every session. Nothing too outlandish.

I’m enjoying it so far as it doesn’t take a lot of fucking about to suss it out and I can work the exercises hard, going for quality reps.

Consistency and intensity will determine if your program is successful. That’s why I keep the program pretty basic. Less exercises means less fucking about means more quality work getting done.