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Need Help w/ Supplement Schedule


I'm trying to create a supplementation schedule using nothing but Biotest supplements. I only want to use protein, creatine, MRPs and fish oil.

With that said, I know I want to get the following:

Surge Recovery
Micronized German Creatine
Metabolic Drive Complete

I plan on taking Flameout with breakfast, and then my final snack at night.

Surge Recovery will obviously be after my workouts.

I plan on taking Metabolic Drive Complete as my meals/snacks in between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.

When is the best time to take my creatine?

Do I still need a separate protein only supplement, even though I'm already taking Surge and Metabolic Drive Complete?



It has been recommended to avoid taking Flameout with breakfast so that the fat is not used for energy. Personally, I'd move it to later in the day.

With your Surge.

It all depends. Protein supplements are simply a convenient way to get your protein in for the day. There may be days you eat enough whole food you don't even need to take protein supplements. Other times, due to time restraints and lack of appetite, you may need them. It all depends. Since you already have the Metabolic Drive Complete, I'd recommend picking up Biotest's Grow! Whey as a source of fast digesting protein you can take in the morning and pre-workout, when fast digesting protein is desirable. Otherwise, things look good. Good luck.


If you are taking Surge, I would go with low carb Metabolic Drive. However it depends on how you handle the carbs.



What do you mean about "handling the carbs"?

Do you mean use Metabolic Drive Complete if I'm not concerned about carb intake, and Metabolic Drive Super Protein Shake if I am?


Those who are concerned with keeping a lower overall carb intake usually due to fat loss goals typically use the Low-Carb. However, if you are not concerned with minimizing carbs and want to get good carbs in or if you are purposely taking in high amounts of calories and carbs due to bulking for instance, then Metabolic Drive Complete would be the ticket. My breakfast shake is always made with Metabolic Drive Complete for instance because I want a big load of nutrients.




Thanks for the tips. I missed your response the first time out.

Is it fine to mix the creatine in the same shake as the Surge?

And what's the deal with the loading of Biotest's Micronized German Creatine on the supplement facts? I thought I read a T-Nation article that said loading was not needed.

I think I will add the Grow! Whey to my list too. Forgot about the pre-workout protein!


I'm a lightweight, and I do a good bit of cardio, so I think I'll stick with the Complete. If I notice a spare tire building up, I'm might make the switch though!



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