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Need Help w/ Starting Strength

Hey, I started SS a little over 2 weeks ago and my upper body has been getting great gains but I haven’t really gone up on any of my lower body lifts. I think this is because I play ultimate frisbee on my so called recovery days. I lift M/W/F and play ultimate Tu/Th. This is effectively giving me 0 recovery between workouts. My diet is in check as well as my sleeping habits. What routine could I use that would allow me to get adequate recovery between lifts while still playing ultimate? I’m interested in doing a 5/3/1 routine but am not sure if even then I’d be getting enough recovery.


Is ultimate frisbee really THAT taxing on your lower body?

It really is. We play 2 ~1 hr games. I play both games w/out subbing and it’s just like soccer in the sense that it goes from sprinting to jogging. In essence it’s like a 2 hr long HIIT workout. I am sore after every day of frisbee.

If you do high intensity sprint during the frisbee games, then i wouldn’t be surprised that your lower body wont be able to recover. Sprinting are heavy on the legs.

You’re probably not gonna handle squatting three times a week heavy very well; this is actually very taxing to do. Try WS4SB, without going nuts on rotating exercises. Use the 3-day routine.

[quote]bluefingas wrote:
Is ultimate frisbee really THAT taxing on your lower body?[/quote]

On top of squatting heavy as possible three times a week? Yes, it probably is.