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Need Help W/ Proscar


I use 1mg of Proscar everyday to prevent hairloss and I have just run out but forgot to order in advance which means I will be without any for at least 2 weeks until it arrives to my place from London. But I am worried that I will start losing some hair because of the long absence. Does anyone know how long one who uses Proscar can go w/o using before hairloss starts to take place? Please if anyone can help, it would be great.


Can anyone help me out there!?


Sorry T,

Not familiar with that stuff. P22 or Katz will probably know.


dude...i take the same dosage for the same reason, and i have been without for a week or more at a time...didn't seem to have a big effect...you should be fine....


I appreciate the help cheetah. Usually I'm pretty good about stocking plenty Proscar to prevent the good amount of hair I have from falling. I just get kind of paranoid when it comes to dosages of supplements which I'm sure many others do as well. But this is the first time I will be without Proscar for at least two weeks since I first started, which was 5 years ago.