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Need Help w/ Presentation


For my sophomore speech I'm debating the safety of steroids when they are not abused and are taken properly with post-cycle therapy. As much as I trust the members on this site, unless you have a doctorate or any sort of "degree" that qualifies you in any of the related fields, your opinion has no value according to the guidelines of this project. After searching for journal studies, I only came back with news clippings that compare steroids to creatine and various crap. Does anyone know of any medical journals or articles that would have valuable information as far as statistics and medical data to back it up? I don't even need a link, the name of any legitimate medical jounral would help too.

NOTE: I'm not doing this to see if I want to try taking steroids myself. I understand that since I am 16 anabolic or androgenic steroids are not a safe option and I am better off eating 4000 calories a day anyway. I made this my presentation to give students facts and information that will help them realize that steroids are not as bad as the gov't and media makes them out to be when they are used correctly.


Search around on pubmed.com. Search up specific steroids by their chemical name, not just the term "steroids". Just a heads up though, I can't picture your average high school student doing well with comprehension of those kinds of studies. Med students have to take entire classes on how to understand medical literature.


Google my name and "Steroid Side Effects". You'll find an article I wrote on that topic, with about 10-20 medical journal citations as references.

Let me guess, by the way- the guy who wrote the guidelines for the paper (i.e. you need to have a few letters after your name to be considered having a worthwhile opnion)--has a few letters after his name?


i don't understand why you would even write a paper on this??!!

if you are athletic and plan on using your talents to play in college and/or ultimately pro.....this is a very bad idea. getting a reputation from writing an innocent paper like this is a distinct possibility. rumors/stories like that will follow you and can hurt your chances down the road when/if coaches, scouts etc get wind of your interest in steroids. that should be obvious.

of course, at your age and current situation (highschool), it should also be noted that you may encounter some social issues because of this....i forsee hushed whispers of "hey, there's the roid monkey" as you walk by....catch my drift?

it's up to you brosef.


The rumors already swirl after "using" a PWO shake and creatine, these people are so uneducated that it's truly unbelieveable. If a baseball scout wants to accuse me of taking any illegal substance, I will gladly pee in a cup for him.

Anthony Roberts, thanks for the initial start, I'm really starting to get going on this now and from other sources I found. FYI, my teacher does not have any letters after my name, which really makes me question him, but because he's the teacher I choose not to. I trust what happens in the gym more than what happens in a laboratory anyway, but many people see that as an uneducated source.


Update: If anyone could find a list or any drugs where the side effects include raised cholesterol, increased blood pressure, and mood swings, or 2 out of the three, that would be great.

Anthony Roberts, I am hammering the opposition right now thanks to your help and the directions you sent me in.


To all who helped, thank you, as I got a 91 on the final project and was able to submit an inteligent arguement. The girl who was pro-AAS prohibition made me look like Albert Einstein as she hardly even knew how to pronounce dianabol. I think I actually persuaded a few people, including the teacher, to think for themselves and lean towards my side of the issue.