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Need Help w/ My PCT, Tren Ace and Test Cyp. Al or Adex?

beasts here we go thats my cycle
week 1 , 100 mg of test cyp only
week 2 , 250 mg of test cyp only and 1 mg of armadex and 120 mg of liv52 liver booster medicine
i am still have not hit week 3 and i have got nolva and hcg also in a hand but did not use them yet
week 3, thinking of taking 250 mg of test cyp and 30 mg of tren ace ed except one day rest so tren would be 180 mg weekly for 6 weeks
so my whole cycle is 8 week cycle
how bad is my cycle ? what do i need? any advise on doses of pct ? should i take nolva during cycle or after it? should i stop adex and start hcg?
sorry guys i wrote a lot
last one thing i forgot to mention
week number 4 i am thinking to inject 250 mg of test twice or it will be dangerous? too high test?
coz my gear 250 mg/ml and tren 100 mg/ml

That is all over the road. One of the biggest mistakes guys make with their cycles isn’t diet or training intensity, but planning. You should have every day of your cycle planned out—with all necessary compounds and ancillaries in your possession—before you take your first pin. You should also have a mental note (or actually written if it helps) of a contingency plan for anything that goes differently than expected. And you should have a bailout point as well, i.e. you’ll end the cycle if Bad Thing X happens and it’ll be ok because you’re prepared. You don’t have any of that.

Your test dosing is bad. It doesn’t make any kind of sense from a scientific perspective and it seems that you don’t have any understanding of how testosterone or their esters work. I’m not saying that to be mean, it’s just what appears to be an objective fact. There’s a reason nobody uses cyp for short cycles.

Your tren addition is haphazard and doesn’t seem to be based on any kind of proven protocol that I’ve seen.

You’re taking way too much adex for such a low test dose.

You started a cycle without knowing what your pct was going to be. That’s suboptimal.

You shouldn’t mess around with hCg. Based on how little you seem to know about the other things you’re taking I don’t think you need another hormone in the mix. You need to focus on not fucking up the things that you have in front of you rather than adding new things to fuck up.

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This and the rest of the response is probably the kindest way anyone here is going to tell you to stop what your doing NOW! And spend the next 6 months researching everything and maybe start again.

Just for curiosity reasons if you have some time plz list your stats, age, how many previus cycles etc. It’s not gonna change what I just said but would be interesting to know

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so tell me the right ratio ?
what is the scientific doses if u want to offer some help ? lolz actually my coach gave me the doses

Wow. You’re paying someone to give you bad advice? Have you heard of Evo? They hand it out for free over there.

I’ll give you the basic breakdown of why this is bad and from there you can do your own research. Sound like a deal?

Test cyp is a long(ish) ester, especially relative to a short eight week cycle. It takes test cyp up to four weeks to hit a solid and stable peak. That means you’re not really reaping the rewards of eight weeks on cycle. It’s more like you’re getting four to five weeks. That’s not worth the time it takes to pct. Additionally, there’s no good reason to start at 100mg, which is a low trt dose, and then ramp up to 250, which is a pretty low cycle dose. You’re running a low dose of a long ester for a short cycle. That’s like the opposite of how you should be doing it. Your coach got literally every part of the plan wrong.

You’re also taking a big dose of adex relative to your small test dose. That can bite you fast and hard. Low e2 will seriously impede your progress and will make everything you do in daily life a little tougher.

As for the tren I have no comments. I can’t imagine wanting to pin every day, and the half life of tren ace is enough that pinning eod is fine, but that’s a personal choice.

Your pct should not include adex. Period. HCg is for use on cycle and/or going into pct. Once you’ve started the Nolva you don’t (or rather shouldn’t) need anything else.

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