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Need Help w/ Inner Leg Development


Always had skinny long giraffe legs. Squatting and deadlifts have helped thicken the upper part of my thighs (believe me they were alot worse). I need help on which exercises or variations will build my inner part right above knee (sweep?).

My boney knees dont help, but nothing I can do about them. Any size I do gain in leg is more noticable because of them. I will continue to hammer away at squats and deadlifts, but I want to be able to work on the lack of muscle above knee. I'm willing to train hard, just need help with exercise choices...

Thanks, Ecto


Squat, front squat, deadlift, leg press, leg extension, lunge, step-up, Bulgarian split squat. Those are all solid choices.

At your current stage of development, and with your current height and weight, you don't need to be overthinking things like inner thigh exercises (or, for example, upper chest exercises or long head triceps exercises).

Those basic lifts and adding 15-20 pounds of muscular bodyweight will go much farther in giving you more complete development.

What are your current bests in the basic lifts like the squat, deadlift, leg press? What about your best upper body work (rows, bench, overhead press)?


? Build more size. You won't have any "overhang" with 24" quads or less. I mean, what else would the answer be?


LOL! Out of interest what made you specifically think your inner leg was lacking? Keep going and it will all come together.

Get rid of this 'ectomorph' attitude aswell. I think it will help.


More importantly, why are you even considering a cut?

(see below link)



In true X style....I hear ya barking...lol thanks Pro X


My good Sir, the best strategy for achieving that exquisite "teardrop" shape on your lower thigh is a rigorous regimen of weighted knee bends and dairy!


It's just that I've noticed thickness in my outer quad and hammies, but my legs taper so quickly to my boney ass knees. Just thought I should address it before it gets more noticable? As far as the ecto thing...man I've got boney elbows, knees, ankles, wrist and neck! I'll never get any mass on any of those. Been a stringbean my whole life. Wasn't until I came here a read for months and months that I was able to put on 30lbs on my 176 lb frame. And I'm far from done...

As for the cut....sorry but this is the first time I have a lil dough on my belly...which I can handle...but the new love handles I can't! Not going for 8% body fat or anything. Just want to tighten up my diet and shrink my waist a little. I've got narrow shoulders..love handle do nothing for v taper..


I totally lack explosive strenght. My lift are sad for my body weight. Squat=225 lb x5, dead=340lb x 1, leg press= 405 lb x 8, bench= 185 lb x6 (worst lift never feel comfortable) OHP= 135 lb x 5, barbell rows= 205 lb x 4 I workout alone so I don't do many singles aside from Deads which I start with 5 reps and work down to singles.

When I squat I feel it all in my Hams and Glutes. Thats why I was concerned with the muscle right above the knee. I tried hack squats but they made my knees ache which affected my next squat day. I guess I just hate my pointy knees!


Been lurking for a year...your a nut Dre.

P.S. I appologize for not posting my pic with the maditory shoe..


While I would echo what everyone said about just getting your weight up and filling out more, that is no reason not to look at your physique and consider what strong points you'd like to have down the road.

If I know I want to have a standout bodypart, I'm not just going to keep chugging along doing the bare minimum, I am going to start developing it now.

If you want to make sure your teardrop muscles develop well, you should know they respond best to deep (below parallel) back, front, and hack squats. Leg extensions can also help, especially with a good mind-muscle connection.

The guys that I see who have no teardrop or overhang to their thighs (referring only to the guys who are otherwise pretty big) are the ones that only do half-squats and leg press.


Thanks, Mr P

I felt a great pump in that area from hack squats, but my knees did not agree. After 4 weeks of doing Hacks I developed a very uncomfortable feeling in my knees that overlapped into squatting. Once I stopped(hack squats), the pain went away. I've only front squated a handful of times. Mabey I'll toss them back into the mix. Leg extensions seem to work if I flare my feet out a little. As far as that last part...I may not move alot of weight, but I definately go ass to heels. Hopefully if I keep trucking along, it will pay off down the road.


How many years of training you have?

Keep working hard, try to add weight, if you looked at your notebook of last year, did the weight is almost the same as today?

Something I learned in my years of training is stop thinking about a miracle solution to be big.

you will not be big with details but just with the basics stuffs: eat well, training well, and sleep like a baby.


Only been in the game a year now. Yes my lifts are going up. Seems to come in waves. Differents lifts at different times. Constantly adjusting my diet/calories.

update After reading John Meadows Legpress article I relized I was placing my feet entirely to wide and low on the footplate. Since I moved them up and closer together, I was not only able to push more weight..I got a sweet pump right above the knee that I never felt before. Finishing it off with some leg extensions and I was psyched! Can't wait until next leg day!


Hey I'm glad you find a good way to feel more your muscles. But for real it's not this small change that you just make that will trigger your legs muscles.

Focus on progression (make sure you put higher weight on a regular basis)
Constancy, just continue to work hard, it take years to grow legs.

and by the way don't put to many time with legs extension, keep focus on Squat, Deadlift. If you want leg press well go ahead, do exercices that you have big weight. Those ones are $$$ for you.


I alternate between one deadlift dominant leg day and one squat dominant leg day. Stiffleg Dl's and LegPress are secondary exercises with leg extensions or leg curls at the end of the workout. I'm well aware wheels aren't built by extensions. There's just certain muscle I can't feel when working them. Like Delts being another one. Hoping I can achieve mind muscle connection someday. Thanks for imput...progression is key!


super dude... have fun :slight_smile: