Need Help w/ HIIT, Strength

Hello to all…

i am a Rugby player
im 5ft 10 in. i weigh in at 215lbs.

average stats are 35kg d/b press for 5, squat 150kg, deadlift 170kg.

all my power is in my legs. they are quite bulky

but i have a belly and for some reason i cannot get rid of it.

and also the belly isnt hard(fulll of beer.)
its jiggeley. and real annoyin.

can some one give me ideas on what to do. what sort of training

i have tried high intensity interval training over the past week on the treadmill

does anyone have any HIIT Programs on strenthening up and losing that gut.

i have a big chest not like boobs but a good shape just with a little fat. shoulders are big yet my back is also a bit flabby.

if someone can help please reply!!!

any ideas on food i should be eaten. how many times a day.??? please help

For strengthening the abs do weighted situps and leg raises. Train the abs and obliques like any other body part. However, I think your issue is mostly nutrition.

Go to the beginner section and look at the stickies for nutrition. There are several good articles. Pay especially close attention to the “7 habits” article by Berardi.

cheers i’ll check it out now

Yup so i have looked at the some articles on what to eat and what not… its not that i eat unwell its just i feel im not working hard enough or more i dont really know what to do to get rid of the STOMACH. Most Fatty areas are my
back, love handles, and stomach…

anyone reccomend a certain workout to get rid of the fat.

i have trid HIIT Training of

45 second sprints with a 2.5 min walk (6 times)

twice in the past week.

todays meal

  • omolette (3 eggs)

  • 230 gr steak

  • brocoli

  • latte

any weights type hiit training anyone can reccomend??

only 5 oclock in dublin

You cannot spot reduce fat without surgery. Losing the fat on your stomach will happen as you lose fat all over.

There are no magic exercises. Lift, do cardio HIIT or low intensity and eat right.

Get plenty of protein and plenty of vegetables. Some people do better with low carb, others do better with moderate carb. Don’t be afraid of fats.

i understand that i cant spot reduce…but if i work hard enough it will go…

But what type of HIIT program would be good for fat loss…

i will keep posting foods im eating just to c if im eating correctly for a fat loss diet…

would u guys reccomend i focus more on cardio or more on doing weights.

i understand that doing weight keeps your heart at the perfect rate for fat loss but i just havnt seen the difference.

also i want to build up my core

any programs that can be recommended!!!??