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Need Help w/ First Cycle in a Safe Manner and Reaching my Goals

I’m 21 , 6 foot 3 205lbs 12% and I have been trying to get more information on running a cycle. I want to make sure I do it correctly and I was told to get testosterone injections as the base of a cycle. I was looking into tren, dianabol and anadrol and I’m not sure which is right for my goals. I want to put on 20 lbs and gain some mass. Any help is greatly appreciated

1st cycle don’t run anything but test. You wanna see how your body reacts to the test alone. Down the road you can run other compounds. You will also need an AI and a proper PCT.

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Do not make your cycle complex when you have no idea what you are doing. Avoid orals until you understand why I might say this.

There is one sticky in this forum, explore its 2nd post.

Understand what your PCT should be and why almost all PCT info that you find is horribly wrong. Do get what you need for PCT on-hand before starting your cycle.

You need to manage T–>E2 on a cycle, all the more with T only. Do not fall for the “I will use an AI if I have sides” bullshit ignorance. You cannot manage E2 properly if gear changes week to week, just stick to one protocol, understand why I say that.

What are you going to do to protect your testes and fertility? At your age, those are very big concerns and many women will not invest into a man who cannot make babies. If this issue and actions you need to take are new to you, that is a measure of … [words escape me].

You asked for help, starting reading. If you fuck this up you will be wining for help. There is always the T replacement sticky for failures and a good HPTA restart sticky there.

You asked … not an easy answer. And easy answer is a path to failure.


What is an AI ? Forgive me ,im unaware of what a lot of these things are you guys are talking about. I need a really Barney style explanation of what I need to do . So I would run 1 cycle of test. And theoretically it works I could move on to an injectable?

You need to do more research. The end. Don’t do anything at all until you know what everything is and why you need to use it.

YOU NEED TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND THEN ASK QUESTIONS BASED ON WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED… THIS ISN’T A FULL SERVICE HELP DESK!! Posts like this just piss people, including myself, off and you will more than likely get no help. Do your own research, gain some knowledge, give more info about your goals, training, diet, and then you might actually get some help.

You wanna run test and then move to an injectable? SOOOO how are you gonna take the test? Rectally?

You need serious research… And then you need to research the stuff you researched lol.


If you’re gonna boof anything, use methyl tren… JKJK haha