need help urgent!!!!

bill or anyone else who works at biotest i am extremely over weight 304 pounds and rapidly gaining at the age of only 17(I was previously 320 and lost weight but i know i am going to gain it back. I can not do any kind of diet because i get extreme !! mood swings if i dont eat or reduce my fat or carbohydrates. You guys seem to be true experts so i wanted to know if you can reccomend a perscription drug that will cause me to lose a ton of weight. I know you guys know of any obscure perscription meds that will help me. i dont just want an appetite suppresent i just want something that will get rid of the fat and not kill me

Ps iam working if yhis helps

What are you doing in the way of physical activity? The best “appetite suppresent” for me, anyway is getting up and doing something. Boredom is usually the activator for “cravings” (for me), too. Do you have any joint problems currently? Have you had a physical? To see where your BP, etc. was at? I’m just kinda curious as to why you think that a “miracle pill” exists that can help you? If there were such a thing, ever thought that you may have to take that pill for the rest of your life?

That is, if you don't learn now how to take care of your cravings and develop a sensible nutrition plan. Wouldn't that be better? Before I say anything else, have you spoken to your doctor about this? (your want of a prescription diet pill)

Hey guys,
I want to get a masters degree but I don’t want to study or go to classes. Studying gives me mood swings because I hate to sit still for more than 5 minutes. Does anyone know of any obscure prescription pills that will make me a genius, not just temporarily, but maybe boost my IQ by 30-40 points permanently?
I’d also like to be huge and ripped without paying attention to what I eat. Got any pills that will help? I’m 17 and I’ve tried every training routine and diet already and nothing has worked.

elg123, I feel for you, my friend. I wish there was a magic pill that could help you, but the truth is there isn’t. I certainly am not going to bash on you–although you will probably get some of that–but I can definately tell you that you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for a magic solution, or instant gratification.

The people on this board can offer you something much better, much more meaningful and ultimately more fulfilling: hard work, discipline, and the right information to make those things work for you.

My advice is to read the "Back to Basics" and "Beginner's Blast Off" articles, and set up a good weightlifting program. You need to get diet and training in order, and the weight, or the fat, more appropriately, will start to come off.

While I would like to recommend MD6 to help you, I hesitate to even do that, because it seems as though you're already too attached to the Magic Bullet theory.

You say cutting back on fat or carbs gives you mood swings...I think a lot of the stems from actually cutting overall calories too much and starting to starve yourself, which is the WORST way to lose fat. Dieting sucks, and even the best diets will make you grumpy now and again. However, if you're on a good, sensible T-Mag diet, things like that will be kept to a minimum, and you'll be healthier, more likely than not.

I wish you luck, and leave you with a personal testimonial that it CAN be done. You can do it brother, though it will not be easy.

You are going to have to give a better excuse for why you can’t diet. There is no magic pill. The only long term solution is a lifestyle founded on a good diet and regular training. I would be glad to be of help, but you are going to have give a lot of reasons why you can’t eat right and train.

Sounds like you could have a serious case of hypoglycemia.
I, too, have trouble dieting; the fluctuating blood sugar
levels make me crazy! Oh, BTW - I am hypoglycemic: my trick
is to never let my BF get over 12%, that way I don’t
have to worry about going on any painful diets!

As far as medications go, definitely see your Dr. He may prescribe Metformin. I've heard it's a phenomenal drug for controlling blood sugar levels, which would help with the mood swings and allow you to diet!

Anyone who flames you has no idea what you're going through. Remember, people can only see things from their own perspective. Again, going to the doctor is a must! Hang in there, Bro.

Am I the only one who thinks elg123 is a scam?

i ment to say on the last part of my message that i am lifting weights and i play sports at school

Joey Z could be on the right track. It took me 30 years of living to discover that I am hypoglycemic. The more simple sugars you eat, the more your blood sugar fluctuates, and the hungrier it makes you. When your blood sugar crashes, you get the shakes, irritable, hot flashes, and can think of nothing else except slamming down something sweet. If these symptoms sound like you, start searching the web for hypoglycemia. It will take some time to start weaning yourself off of high glycemic foods. Good luck.

I agree with Nylo. I was where you are a couple of years ago. What worked for me was the eating 7 times a day. No simple carbs. Four tablespoons of flax oil a day. Six salmon oil caps a day. Empty stomach, early morning cardio. 500 grams of protein (Grow, white meat chicken, salmon and beef) a day, including a Grow drink right before bed. Tons of salad with low sugar dressing. Compound movement free weights. I you have to eat fast food eat a grilled chicken with no mayo (I use bbq sauce).

Wake up and go running every morning. Sweat and sweat somemore. Another thing that I have read recently is that eating oatmeal keeps you from having mood swings. It helps stabilize you blood sugar levels (I think that is the reason, but I have to double check). I have a friend that is just like you. He can be very moody and volatile at times. He said that since he started eating oatmeal for breakfast, he has been happier. Go figure. Also boredom does lead to mood swings to. It is all that nervous energy. You are also going to have to seriously look at you diet and work out routine too. The fact that you are 17 means that your body is changing and you are going to have high t-levels and that will cause mood swings too. Don’t worry man, you will be all right, at least you are trying to make a concious effort.

went to the doctor today and he recommended the sugar busters diet
has anyone tried this
also recomended xenical but when me and my mom went to the pharmacy they said are insurance wouldnt pay for it so i guess i have to do without it

If I were you, I’d start to become more active and lift weights. I know a lot of people here bash Body-for-Life by Bill Phillips, but it may be a good place for you to start by just following what he’s telling you to eat, etc. His “diet” is as close to bodybuilder’s diet as you can get. After you do Body-for-Life for 12 weeks or so, you can graduate from that and use more advanced principles from T-Mag. Sugar Buster, etc. IMHO probably wont’ provide you with the permanent solution for you.

Good luck.

Drug list that will assist you = 4-AD-EC + T-3 (cytomel) + MD6. This combination will totally destroy fat. Of course you probably aren’t resourceful enough to get T-3 and your doctor would rather die than prescribe it to you. Also, you sound like a little pussy who is too lazy to fix his problems without drugs…please prove m e wrong. I’m just being nice and telling you what drugs to use.

You might want to try the Don’t Diet approach by John Berardi (see Essential Berardi in issue 199 for link). As for macronutrient breakdown, it seems like you would benefit from a higher fat or at least isocaloric breakdown.

Make sure to use low GI carbohydrate except for immediately post workout: oatmeal, beans, veggies and fibrous fruits are your best choices.

Fat intake should be high in omega-3 and monounsaturated fat. Make sure to take in plenty of flax and especially fish oil (at least 6g combined DHA/EPA). Olive oil is a great source of monounsatured fat.

As for the xenical, you're better off not taking it. It's mechanism of action is poor at best and the physiologic consequences are not good either.

Regular aerobic exercise is a must. I would suggest reading Berardi's latest article "The winning formula part 2" for more details.

Work hard and good luck!

Nylo, man do I know blood sugar crashes! If I go more than
a few hours without eating, it feels like I’m going thru “substance
withdrawal,” similar to a nicotine fit!

Have been using the low carb approach for a while. Lately, I've gone even lower; now I only eat carbs post work-out and sometimes first thing in the morn. My blood sugar levels have become a lot more stable as a result! I'm now eating a ratio of 40% P - 40% F -20% C on "non" lifting days, and 40% P - 30% C - 30% F on lifting days. Have been on this new ratio for six weeks and have lost an inch off my waist, while eating the same number of calories, around 2600 a day!