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Need Help, Uneven DL Pull


Hi, could you please tell why the bar is lower on the right side when I finish the movement in deadlifts and how can I fix this. I can't figure out why this is happening and your advice would be a breath of fresh air right now. Here is a video to see what's going on:


It looks like your literally pulling yourself that way. Your reversed arm is literally pulling backwards toward that side, or so it seems.


I don’t think it’s a big problem. Your pull phase is pretty balanced.


To me it looks like you finished the lift with your right leg first, which made the weight shift to your left. When your left leg locks out, the bar swings back to the right. Momentum.

Maybe you just didn’t set up right and were a little off balance, or a possible muscle imbalance if this happens a lot. Really though, white lights, good work.


Maybe you’re just crooked dude. I mean your bench was crooked as fuck too. Everybody has imbalances and asymmetries. Just make sure you’re not feeling any unilateral pain or anything as a result.


The deadlift looked to be the “least crooked” of the three lifts. But you set up with your right foot somewhat closer to the collar than your left foot. Watch out for that.