Need Help Understanding Symptoms

Hi guys,

Recently, like in the last few months and more specifically in the last two weeks I seem to be experiencing the following episode: I get hungy but nothing to drive me to hypoglycemia, then I eat like today had my salad with veggies, avocado, ham and apple cider vinagar and a mango and then it hits me.

Extreme nausea, extreme fatigue, my stomach feels like it could explode physically, I mean I really don’t feel well at all and have to lie down, its not like I overate, it justs hits me. I thought it was hypoglycemia but it doesn’t fit.

I’m not hungry and sugar does help but not quickly, I just had a small bowl of cherios with milk and it seems to help but its not the hunger thats driving me to eat its trying to get rid of the extreme fatigue and nausea.

I’m really worried, this has happened to me three times now recently, the two other times were after biking around 60km. Again not overly tired or hungry as I had surge during my biking and ate lunch right after exercise or not long afterwards.

Anybody have any input on what this could be? I can tell you that I feel very sick when this happens.



You mentioned once about the nausea and fatique after biking. Have you noticed these nausea bouts or fatique after other lifting or cardio sessions? I the answer is yes, i would look into adrenal fatique. You can become very nauseated after excercise with adrenal fatique. I have adrenal fatique, so I know this to be a sysmtom.

I also battle with hypo thyroidism. Look into this it may help. There is a good article on this site about adrenal fatique.


It could be a number of things, and I hate to speculate with so little information on a possibly complex problem. Not trying to scare you, but my advice is to SEE A DOCTOR.

If the episodes seem to really occur as a result of consuming a meal then you could look into an exclusion diet. They are complex and a pain, but they are a great way to find out if you are suffering from a reaction to/intolerance of some type of food/additive. Again, given the sudden onset I would really recommend that you see a doctor.