Need Help Understanding PCT

Im not running any cycles yet, but im thoroughly confused about PCT.

I understood the old pct cycle of nolvadex - 40/40/20//20 per week.

However after reading KSMans pct thread and Cyclobushmaster’s pct thread, im confused.

Lets assume that Im running a basic 10 week cycle of test e/sustanon and maybe an oral like dbol for the first 5 weeks, along with 20mg of nolva ED or an AI EOD.

From what i understood about the new PCT, it should be a small dose and be as lengthy as the cycle? So for PCT one should run nolva at 20mg ED for 10 weeks?

I’m not down with the new way of thinking about mega long, mega low dosed PCTs.

The standard clomid for 50mg for 4 weeks and/or nolva at 40/40/20/20 worked just fine for millenia

well, first off, don’t take nolva on cycle instead of an AI.

you don’t need to take Nolva for months post cycle… but you do need to take it long enough that it has sufficiently begun to work after the exogenous testosterone is out of your body.

Yeah don’t use a SERM during cycle instead of an AI.

I think there is a lot out there to read and i definitely can relate to how you a are feeling regarding PCT.

I pretty much have the same point of view as Yogi now. I think as long as you use only one SERM at a lower dose (not 100mg per day) for 4-6 weeks you will hopefully recover fine. There might be merit to adding an AI for some of the PCT and also tapering off the SERM but anecdotally what Yogi said seems true.

I like to use HCG during the cycle and i think getting bloodwork before starting AAS use and then after finishing PCT is important. That’s the best way to keep everything in check and see how well you are recovering.


I’m very close to starting my first cycle, Im 21, but I aspire to be a fitness model, so I need to get started early. I started lifting at the age of 14, and I’m a sports nutritionist so im pretty well versed with this stuff.

Also, I own a fitness magazine (, so I have the connections to score modelling contracts easily.

Once I get my bloodwork done, I’ll start a basic Test and Dbol cycle for 10 - 12 weeks.

Weeks 1-12 -
Test E / Test Sustanon 250 Twice a week on monday and thursday.
(I have Pharma grade Sustanon available from my local pharmacy, but I’m not sure if i wanna use i because Sustanon needs to be pinned every other day to maintain stable levels)
Liv52 - 2-3 pills ED

Weeks 1-5
Dbol 30mg - 50mg a day
Additional Liver support, I’ll see what else is available at my pharmacy, or I’ll just increase my Liv52 dosage

Weeks 1-14
AI 0.5mg EOD


Weeks 14-15
Nolva 40mg ED

Weeks 15-16
Nolva 20mg ED

Weeks 16-17
Nolva 10mg ED

Week 20 I will get my bloodwork done again.

I think the cycle looks fine, and I look forward to your inputs :slight_smile:

Now few questions i have is -

  1. I would like to avoid bloating/water retention while on Dbol, should I take 10mg of Nolva everyday?

  2. I have HCG available and it’s fairly cheap, should I add it to the PCT, if so, when?

  3. Hairfall? Is there anything I can do to avoid it? I dont have any noticeable hairfall but I am conscious about my looks.

  4. I’m also nervous about my reproductive system. Should I get a sperm count and semen analysis done before and after the cycle?

dude, nolva does not prevent aromatization of testosterone into estrogen, therefore will not help with water retention. nolva is a SERM, not an AI.

also, sustanon does not need to be taken EOD… the largest percentage of the esters in it is testosterone decanoate, which is rather long acting. in fact, sustanon kinda sucks, unless one is taking it for TRT and prefers once a week dosing.