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Need Help Understanding My Protocol

I have been on trt for about 3 1/2 weeks now and after looking at the bottle and my injection protocol i’m now confused on how much i’m actually injecting. Please take a look at the pictures below, maybe i’m just being an idiot and can’t covert the unit of measurement correctly.

Look at these pictures as i try to explain at the bottom.

Here is my protocol:

Here is the prescribed testosterone:

Here is the actual bottle of testosterone:

Here is the Subq insulin syringe that i use in case it makes a difference. Its a 31G 5/16 1mL 1cc. (0.26 x 8mm)


My Doctor prescribed me 75mg of testosterone cypionate per week split into injections m/w/f. My confusion is with the first line written on the actual testosterone bottle. "Each mL contains testosterone cypionate USP 200mg. If i’m pulling 0.25ml out of the bottle that means i’m taking out 50mg per shot because a quarter of 200 is 50 right? Am i injecting 150mg or 75mg per week?

yeah, 150. Seems like the pharmacy gave you the wrong Test, or there was a mixup with what he wrote, or he just fucked up. He wrote the script for 100mg/ml and they gave you 200mg/ml. You’ll have to adjust to .125ml x 3 for the 75mg a week.

The doctor prescribed .25mL 3x/week. At 200mg per mL, you are using 150mg/week. The label on the box is incorrect. Instead of 0.75 mg per week it should read 0.75 mL.

Are you certain you were prescribed 75mg per week? That is a waste of time and money.

Its just a typo by the pharmacist. It says .75mg should say .75ml for a total of 150mg a week the dr obviously didnt prescribe 3/4 of a mg a week

0.75mg per week isn’t a thing, but he could’ve messed up by putting 0.75 just as he could’ve messed up putting the mg instead of ml. I’m confused, but i’ve been taking 150mg thinking i’ve been taking 75mg this whole time. I’m going to call to make sure regardless.

Well if it turns out to be 75 mg then its time for a new Dr asap

I gave them a call today, and found i’m taking 150 mg. Oh man, I thought i was going to be in trouble for taking double the dose prescribed to me haha!