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Need Help Understanding Insulin


Hi all.
I Need some help understanding insulin.
Iâ??m currently on a diet and dos fasted morning cardio (incline power walk 50-60% of max V02)
But as I understand low insulin is preferred on steady state cardio witch it is in the morning.
And you need an insulin spike post workout for rebuild/protecting you muscle or??
Taking BCAA or leucine also create insulin spike, so is that bad pre â??fastedâ?? morning cardio for fat loss?

Please help me understand



Hope this helps.


Thanks for your replay.
But not quite.
Lets take morning cardio (50 to 60% max V02) eg. As I understand it, you want your insulin as low as possible because your fat storage is left unprotected.
I read "The Fasted Cardio Roundtable" where CT says that he would take some BCAA before morning cardio but in another article its stated that BCAA creates an insulin spike and that can't be good or am I wrong??.



High levels of leucine (one of the BCAAs) do stimulate insulin production (but I wouldn't call it a spike!). But to accomplish a high insulin elevation you'd need a VERY high dose of BCAAs. A small dose of roughly 10-15g will not have a negative impact on fat loss at all.

Leucine elevates insulin at roughly 30-40% the "power" of carbs. 10-15g of BCAA normally provides you around 7-10g of leucine or the equivalent insulin-wise to consuming 2 to 6g of carbs (you need to consume 15-20g of carbs to significantly elevate insulin).


Hey CT.

Thanks for clearing that out for me.
What about normal weightlifting, here you want your insulin level to be high for protecting your musclesâ?¦ right?