Need Help Traveling with HCG

I’m visiting family for Christmas . I was wondering if anyone had any tips for traveling with hcg . I will only need 2 doses while I’m there , what’s the best way to go about bringing it ? An unmixed vial is way too much to bring as it lasts me about 2 months . Mixed it will get shaken up during travel and I can’t keep it cold … anyone able to shed some light ??

You wont lose anything if you miss a week.

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I second that notion. Just skip the week. I no longer take HCG, don’t like it. When I did, I packed mine in lunch box with one of those blue ice packs when I had to travel.

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Can you elaborate a bit ?? Was it during cycle ? Or trt ? I’ve been on trt for about a year now and am having a lot of trouble dialing in my doses test cyp ,hcg, anastrozole . I’m thinking it may be the hcg giving me symptoms …

@mrz123 I was taking HCG during my initial TRT protocol. 800 iu a week split into two 400 ui dosages. I noticed my anxiety was higher after the HCG so I ceased. I’ve not been on HCG for probably 1.5-2 years now and noticed no real atrophy by the way. We are all different though. Also, as another note, I’ve already had kids and a vasectomy so fertility is not of concern for me.

@blshaw same here with the anxiety . We’re you also taking anastrozole ? How much did you have to up your test dose after dropping hcg ?

@mrz123 Honestly my protocol was all out of whack at that time. My doc had started me on Test, HCG, Arimadex, DIM, and progesterone. This was years ago and before I knew as much about HRT. I went with blind faith. It took almost a year of changes various dosages before I said ‘F’ it and dropped everything but Test. So glad I did. I’m a firm believer that the majority can find the proper test dose that doesn’t require ancillaries. I mean yeah… if you’re dead set on 200mg a week you may need an AI or something. But for me… 120-140 mg puts me at top of range with comfortable E2 and no sides.

Sorry I went on a rant. To answer your question directly I believe I was taking .4mg arimidex a week at the time. But I had noticeable anxiety after the HCG injection that went away with ceasing it. Could it have been in my head? Sure as I’m prone to anxiety anyway and it may have been self fulfilling. I didn’t change my TRT dose, I simply dropped all ancillaries and got lucky that my dose was fine as is without the need for further experimentation. For the record my doc bobbles my dose from 120-140mg/wk depending on labs but I still usually inject 140mg/wk regardless of my script as there is usually enough in my vial for it.

Nah . I don’t think so . It’s fucking me up too . I think I’m gonna try one injection 30iu a week . See what happens . Then maybe drop it . Fuckin same shit though . Going on a year now , been feeling like absolute dogshit for 50% of the time . Maybe more .