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Need Help. Traveling During a Cut.



So, i'm in a middle of my cut and i really don't want to waste a week by dieting badly and fucking stuff up.

I'm 174.6 pound at the minute and i'm cutting down to 160 pounds. So, the calories i need a day to lose a pound a week is 2380. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/41/newfoodsies.jpg/
That is my diet.

Now, the problem. In Hong Kong, i'm in a hotel, so i can't cook. And here's the next problem, no where near me sells cooked chicken breast like they do at home! So, it shows that chicken breast is gram for gram the best food for protein, but it also shows i'm screwed for this week and i'll struggle to hit my macros. I really don't want to lose any progress, muscle mass, so please, HELP.


have you considered eating something other than chicken this week?

also, why are you cutting to 160 lbs in the first place? are you taller than 5'4"?


I'm 18% bf and 5ft9 lol.