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Need Help Training My Son


My son is 10 years old and pretty sedentary dispite my trying to get him moving. I took him to the gym with me and he just loved it and wants to go with me. But the gym has a at least 14 policy for insurance purposes.

so im gonna build him a k mart special wt set for now. whats the best way to train him without injuring joints and connective tissue in a 10 y/o im thinking about the basic compound lifts not to heavy. any suggestions are appreciated. maybe we can get him on the right track loving lifting like I
thanks in advance


Make it fun.

Ton of energy but also a good way to burn a kid out from training.

I'd go with something Danny John style. Simple fun and very effective.

Move big stuff throw big stuff. Basic GPP style stuff.

At 10 years old it doesnt need to be complicated, your body is a growing machine. Make it something the kid enjoys doing and works on overall developement.

Hell, I can just imagine being 10 and getting psyched about strong man style stuff. Anything where it can be a group event between father and son.

Hell when I was 10 my dad bought a basketball hoop and we would just go out and play knockout. It was great overall exercise for both of us and by far some of the most memorable father/son events of my childhood. It doesn't have to involve goals or aesthetics... look at it as a way to build a tradition that keeps your relationship going.

We still play to this day when I get back from college and even though the torch has been passed and he is a good 40 years older than me it is still something I look forward too.


My O-lifting coach has been training his son from 8 to 12 years old (he's 12 right now) and it's all about the technique.

He never pushes him too far, just make it fun enough (including competition) and he only correct his form.

The idea of putting a kid through somekind of strongman training would be perfect.
THAT looks like a game and thats the kind of thing that will keep him on the right track.

Just think about it, if he still likes it when he'll be a teenager..he will probably have a prettier body than the other boys which is going to give him a better self-esteem.

Something along these lines..


Tri hit it on the head. Fun has to be the name of the game. In fact, instead of (or in addition to) the weight set, I'd recommend medicine balls. They're perfect for throwing, carrying, whatever. Whatever he's asking to do, I'd let him, within reason.

Another thing to consider, especially with kids, is bodyweight training. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges are all basic moves that shouldn't be neglected. I'd look up Scrapper's bodyweight site (google for "Body by Fish") for some interesting bodyweight variations.


Thanks for the replies. Im working on building a minnie strongman course with
tires, wheelbarrow with blocks, and something for farmers walks. its something we can do together and should be fun. ive got him doing snatches with a broom stick to get the movement down.
I will try and keep it light and fun and not get overbearing.
thanks working


I have been training with me stepson know for about 2 years. He needed a training partner due to all the weak guys at his school ; and the football coachs that are overweight and don't know anything about strenght training.

He started weight training at 12 year old. started on a sears wieght bench ; then moved up to a bigger olympic size squat and bench combo. Now we have a good collection; you can veiw our gym @

I really never pushed him to work out. Most of the time he pushes me.

He is a junior in high school about 170lbs. know ;
Squats in the mid 600 Lbs.(he loves to squat)
Benches in the low 300 Lbs.




Thats what im talking about. Instilling a LOVE for lifting at an early age thanks for the post you and your son goodluck on all future endeavors.