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Need Help to Tighten Loose Skin

Hi all, a year and a half ago i currently weighed 270pounds. i have lost weight and am now 186pounds. im finding it really hard now to lose more weight. also i have alot of really loose skin as to it being stretched so much. whem i look in the mirror i hate what i see. has anyone got any idea of how to tighten it?? or exercises i could do??

Im eating lots of chicken, nuts, eggs, fruit, veg and am staying away from carbs. i only eat carbs after training and first in the morning. my trianing is weight lifting 3 nights a week and i play gealic football 3times a week as well.

My Stats currently:
age: 21
Height: 5"11
Weight: 186 pounnds

Any help would be much appreciated!Thanks

been there, worried about that.

dont worry about losing more weight…let your body adjust.

its been about 5 months since the bulk of my 120 pound fat loss and im noticing that the excess skin is naturally tightening up.

depends on your age, im 24.

as long as your in your 20s you will have to be patient and let the skin re-elasticate.

two things i did to ‘help’.
(arguably these things wont ‘fix’ the problem, but they might facilitate the natural recovery a little).

  1. I started clean bulking - the aim was to ‘fill out’ the now vacant skin a little.
    heavy squats seem to have thickened my waist and help with the stomach skin excess.
    most noticeable are the chest changes, ive added some width there and it seems to have brought the loose skin up.
  2. i used a fairly generic oil or balm to moisturize my problem areas. dont believe the ‘miracle cure’ creams…but keeping the skin moist will help it a little.

here is a pic of me post 120 fat loss, with a pic of me with an extra 5 or 6 pounds of muscle 6 months later. note the chest improvement.

so there is hope with some patience!

Yup, one thing that I’ve heard through the years that as your Bodyfat rises you create more fat cells. They will expand until they can’t hold anymore, then your body will create new ones.

Once you begin to cut bodyfat you will lose fat from all the cells, but you will never lose the new fat cells you’ve created. They will simply get smaller. So this is why some people look better at 12% BF than others do 10%. Thats the unscientific explanation. But also your body will adjust over time, but it may take a while as aposed to your buddy who was already lean and lost 1-2 pounds of fat. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

now if only I could loosen my tight skin! I’ve got stretch marks all over the place.

cells can shrink to insignificant sizes, i think it’s just an issue of waiting and eating very clean. i think the biggest issue with people who have lost large amounts of weight is the body needs a break to coast at ‘maintenance’ for a while before any more drastic changes are made.

I lost about 70 lbs about 4 years ago and looked pretty loose, i’m still not at the leanness i want to be at but there’s much less ‘loose skin’ and i’m leaner than ever. but for a year or two after the initial drastic loss, i couldn’t make myself follow any kind of diet plan, my body just rebelled instantly. it’s only recently that i’ve taken a more incremental approach to changing my eating habits and i’ve seen much better results that way.

man thats sweet info. i have the same prob i lost 70 lbs in a 3 month period when i was 16 now im 20 n still have the problem but i never followed a good diet and my weight fluctuated ALOT because i never knew how to properly loose weight you know? But now i kno whats goin on so we’ll see what happens in time.

I’ve lost 110lbs over the past 11 months and have lose skin around the mid section mainly. It is slowly going away the leaner I get, most people who have gone from 25%+ to below 10% say once you hit the single digits the excess skin vanishes VERY quickly, so I am hoping they were telling me the truth. Goal is 8% that should be me at around 180 or 185. If I get there and the skin doesn’t go away I will get the crap removed, worked too hard for it not to be able to take my shirt off with pride.

whatever the hell, congrats to all you guys!